Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: adel adili (Leda)


nice fast sketches…I love them!

go go go :smiley:


Well, wow, your concepts are definitely spot on, love them, looking forward to seeing this develop into 3D, i can see it developing into a major polycount!

Good luck



You got so many cool ideas, and you sketches are great too. I hope to see more of your stuff. And thanks for your welcome. Good luck :thumbsup:


Cool ideas and great skethes! :thumbsup:
Good luck too!!


well, i really like this idea, no wars, no conpirations, only the good and nice sprit of the games, i really want to see how you get that awesome deepnes on your renderings, good luck, and best wishes!


adel3d, I do like the latest image but where will you put these figures in the whole image? When I saw this image I thought of a family at the star olympics standing on a private landing having there photo taken with the massive backdrop you have created. Hope you dont mind me sharing…:slight_smile:


Hi Adel
definitelly as someone said, you have great skills in 2D drawing. As for the composition of your final image, maibe it is true that the tower crashes a bit with the planet on the background. The ilumination seems very interesting, and the reflection on the water will give a very nice touch to the piece. Keep it up!


Thanks a lot for all the comments esp thank you Ralph for your good comments.
I might not use those people in my image ,they were sth that came out of my mind
and I wanted to say that the people in those planets can be ordinary human beings.
maybe I’ll use them from other angles in my work.
From now on I’ll have some 3d layout to show you which is gotten from the concept 2-2.
I’ll upgrade you soon.
The problem I’ll be facing is that as the project is massive it needs a hi-resolution lighting.I have to find a way
handling it.
Hope to have your feedback too.


If putting figures into the piece, it would be interesting, I feel, that you attempt to try and portray more than just a human race (e.g. alien species), but to give them an image of peace and harmony (it’s the olympics after all!), as opposed to the common form of terrifying and fearful.

Just a thought.


I am Waiting Adel:)


This is the first 3d layout which is a wip of my concepts.
The difference here with the last concept is that the frame has become vertical so that I’ll get the massiveness.
Hopefully I’ll come up with a satisfying layout then I’d get the final project.
You’ll see more of my layouts soon,
Hope to hear your comments!


Looks like a lot of work. I’ll keep an eye on you, to see how you get along with those structures.


Hey - looks pretty damn cool in 3d - I think you’ve got a very interesting viewpoint. I look forward to seeing it develop.


Is looking great Adel3d , only one thing bothers me , i think that the big planet in the top of the layout is to perfect in his position, maybe you can make some tests and try another composition for the planets . is a personal taste about that.

Keep working hard . and sorry about my poor english.:thumbsup:


Hey Adel
God Bless You it Seems Very Huge Project You have To Go
I ready For any Help Men


Great colour in these sketches. So far from what the majority are doing here. Great work, and I’m loving the eighties looking fashions of the characters in the photograph. Great scale and feeling to your work. I like the first version of the teardrop part of the comp though versus the newer lane meets circle.


Your progress is going very well. I love the composition and perspective. I cant wait to see the modelling and texturing process.


This is my second 3d layout .I have Edited the lighting as a concept.
I think I am getting closer to the final.
Looking forward to seeing your comments


hi adel3d, i like this a lot, it has a great sense of achievement and optimism that this society in your picture has created, definetely should try and keep the balcony and human element in to help tell a story of people peacefully viewing their immense civilisation and bring a focus to the composition. also try out an atmospheric sunset or sunrise to add more beauty drama to the scene.


WOW! you are doing great!!!I can’t wait to see the final image! I disagree with the sunset idea, I think it is a very nice light if you keep it blue, kind of cold, but contrasting with the animated crowd, which variates from yellow, red, and green