Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: adel adili (Leda)


sketches 1, 2 and 4 are absolutely brilliant, I’d love to see all of them combined into the final image


adel nice job:scream:


Man, great artwork. I really think that even if you don’t actually USE those, they help a lot building in your mind the context and “universe” your image will depict. Keep it up! I’m looking forward to seeing more. So far it is great.


good concepts… good ideas


there are some great ideas here. i especially like the 2nd wide angle scene and the last with the thoughtful character. maybe there’s some way to combine these in a foreground/background sort of composition to get the combination of epic/intimate scope?


I like the second concept sketch for its perspective and scale . I think it would look awsome in 3d . The concept proves that ‘grand space opera’ isn’t necessarly about war and destructiuon .

My thread :


Thank you all who have been commenting on my work and also thank those who have not commented yet
Yes, I have considered my second concept as my base and hopefully
I’ll continue it.In the new concept 2-2 somethings have been added;
the background has been a little changed and in the next steps I’ll add some more
to the foreground so the frame will be extended vertically.
In this concept I have tried to picture a fine world ,there are no different aliens,
no narrow and dingy streets and no attack also and it has 2 suns and other planets
are the same.
I’d also like to have some human beings in foreground provided that I have enough
space for them.I can imagine some people who are taking a snapshot and this image is their background.
Hope to hear your comments on it as usual.
I’ll update you soon


i love last sketch…curious 'bout how you convert that mood into 3d…:slight_smile:


I definately prefer your second concept. I believe that it is one of the few concepts in this contest so far to give a real sense of massive scale and grandeur. It’ll be interesting to see the 3d rendition of this scene.

Good Luck.

By the way I’m curious. How many hours are you able to commit to this project each day?
I can squeeze in about 3-4 depending on how early I get off of work. After viewing some of the entries it appears that many people are making this a full-time development. I only wish I could give this contest full-time commitment.


Thanks man for the comment!
The concept is really important to me ,once I come up with my final concept the 3d will not be a big deal.I can’t afford more than an hour to the project and somedays I even can’t think of it.
Thanks anyway.:slight_smile:


Love your last concept. I agree with EngineeredVision about its scale and grandeur. It really gives a planetary scale to the event. And the moon, with those clear signs of civilization provides for a great context. Awesome perspective… you know what you’re doing, man. I did not understand the people taking snapshots thing though. Waiting for your next sketch…


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thanks for the welcome.

you stuff looks very original. i like it alot.can’t wait to see the final piece. nothing to crity really but will check back regularly. keep up the good work!


This is nearly my last concept and is a fast sketch.This is the snapshot I talked about and I tried to
picture it for those who didn’t get what I meant.They are taking a picture and the view is behind them.Anyway,if I
can I will have it in my foreground and if not I’ll do the work without this Concept.
Hope to hear your comments!


hi Adel…

great and very original idea… your sketches look brilliant and in general your 2D skills are very high in my opinion…

about composition i think the last sketch is the best one… composition is very balanced… from the picture it’s clear that central event is going on on that arena… also sense of the future is very strong… :thumbsup:

i have only one crit… i think atmosphere in your picture is not dense enough… because of this picture is not so depth as it supposed to be and the planet on the left side looks like it’s sitting on the tower…

overall great work… :thumbsup:

untill later and cheers… :beer:


Hmm, interesting idea (the snapshot/photo one), but I have one small comment to make…

for me, it doesn’t seem that it would work, as the perspective of the amazing background doesn’t reflect how the background of a photo would look, if taken from ground level (as is suggested with a group of people), in my opinion, the only way to make it work, would be to have the poeople up high in the sky, and the view was out of a scyscraper’s window or something - that would look right, I think.

Just my $0.02


( Salam, be lakhareh ma tonestim honarmande bozorg agha adelo biron az web siteshoon bebinim, )

Great concepts with your great talent,

I’m waiting for modeling
this challenge is yours! :thumbsup:
Keep up man,


Lets See That On!!


great ideas man… I like the concepts that you have with the slightly scewed view for vast scale that alot of the space opera paintings/ drawings are able to get… lookin forward to seeing the concept you chose to go ahead with


cool scetches.i like them all.:thumbsup:
but when are we going to see the first 3d model?