Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: adel adili (Leda)


The challenge is nearly finished…
I just wanted to thank you all who commented on my work and
supported me.
Wish you all success and hope to do another challenge together.

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Sorry for the long delay.You can get so many of the answers from the challenge,


I voted to one of the nominees for the Community award but all of them seemed to get the vote.I don’t know why.:shrug:


no my friend, the vote went to the one that you wanted. But as you can vote only for one person, the buttons dissapeared. And they didn’t know what to show on the places where the buttons were, so the wrote thank you:):slight_smile:


I think there should be 3 important things to be considered for a thread to get the vote
for the community Award.
1.The number of visitors.
2.More important than that the number of replies the thread gets.
3.The variety of artists who reply( Not just 3 or 4 artist freinds talking together) .
So the relation of these scores is important;for example
100 visitors _ 50 replies _ from 20 different artists.:applause:
That makes a cool combination but
200 visitors_ 30 replies_from 5 different artists is not good.:smiley:
So maybe it helps to know how artistic a thread might be and how it has affected other artists .
This is my new formula I came up with though.(LOL):rolleyes:


Hmmmmmmm,let me think…mmmmmmmmmmmmm…
i cant think of it right now cause there is a little problem:

oh man,pleeeeeeeeeeeas.i BEG you to change it,it gives me some BAD feelings when o watch it :cry: :cry: :banghead:


Exactly…! I want This feeling .But i Change it.


Congrats man… awesome job!


Great piece man, one of the best. I hope you’re proud of it!


hey boy,congarts… :applause: :applause: you realy deserve this

Inam be zabane asile irany ke zendeyad “ferdoosy” zende kardesh:

behet tabrik migam va omidvaram hamishe movafagh bashy…omidvaram too jashnvareye 2salane bebinamet

also i want to appreciate you for changing that picture,this one is realy pretty :bounce:



congrats on the honourable mention list dude… everytime I look at your piece im amazed at the detail!


Congratulations! A fantastic entry and a great result. :applause:


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