Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: adel adili (Leda)


This is my final image.
3D software: 3ds max 5.1
Render engine:Vray Renderer
3D Paint : Deep Paint 3D
Texture Edition: Adobe photoshop
The first thing I’d like to mention is that the image I came up with is exactly what I had in my mind about Grand Space Opera.
I didn’t intend to show weird aliens and laser guns because they can be the topic entitled a space battle in another challenge .
I wanted to show the meaning of the Grand Space Opera fully so I chose the topic Star Olympics.
Here I used the depth concept to show the Grand theme.The depth was shown on the surface, under the ground and in the space.To reveal this depth I had to work some vast area of 30 kilometers which was visible from the camera angle.This included the buildings,the surfaces and even the plants.
To describe the word Space a Star Olympics competition stroke my mind .The competition is among the planets so I showed a number of Indy-space-ships which are getting ready to start the match toward the target planet.
From the word Opera I got a meaning of glory so I tried to present this feeling in a balcony building and coliseum .I thought a classic style for my balcony building would perfectly give this sense. Here from the camera angle we seem to be a part of the spectators.
Finally, I’d like to thank those who commented on my works and supported me during this challenge.


great work ,congrats and good luck.


Good luck for the competition! I like your work the most.



Man, I wish I could design architecture like you… :bounce:
The idea of a Space or Star Olympics is really quite appealing to me; sounds like something humanity would really do a 1,000 years from now. The only critique I might have is that the large “cracked” moon looks a bit like an oval, but perhaps that’s just due to the angle.

Very well done all around. :slight_smile:


Congrats :applause: You did a great job :applause: I specially like the coloring and lightning of your final work.


welldone baybe…khaste bnabshi midoonam ke che kare skhti hast ba in hame mashghalehaiee ke ma iraniha darim …movafagh bshi…:applause:


congratulation :applause: :applause:
you did it.great job. :thumbsup:

inam be farsi begam:agha damet garm,kheily kare bahal o khoobi shode.khaste nabashy…

wish you luck :thumbsup:


Congratulations man… you win your challenge… and maybe this one… :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

You know… I love pictures with a moutain of details… and with this one… I’m so happy… you are a great artist :applause:


I’m glad to see that someone else dosn’t think of lasers and crazy aliens when they think of space opera.
Very well done and very well thought out.

Best of luck to you.


wow Adel! great …:thumbsup::love::deal: great job!
good luck…

p.s: i just visited your website and i’m very impressed by your talent master…
i know now , i have to learn and learn…:eek::):applause:


really impressive man
It is a Photo?! Where you take it
:applause: :deal:

You done a great work and so please give us more info about these:

  1. How many polygons ?
  2. How much time it took to render the final render?
  3. Please show us lightning and some info about that. (I really want to know this one)

Best Regards

Nima NF


This, is one of the winners! a very nice artwork! :wink: Graet job, Adel.


• No words to describe the greatness of your concept and work, they speak for theirself!!
I congratulate your magnificent entry, and the talent shown in your whole work, Keep it up my friend! I wish u the best not only in this challenge but in your entire 3D artist life! :arteest: :beer:


beautiful perpective ! One of the best pieces I’ve seen ! :thumbsup:


congratz … great detail in pic!


good job, surely on of the top pieces in this challenge. good luck!


Wow! uv done it! so great!

Any HI-REZ is possible for u to put in here"?that should show so much more details of your work!:smiley:

Khaste nabashid Adel.ey val.thumbs up!



HI, i want to congratulate you, your image is one of my favorites. good luck.


Top work…one of my favorites…great details and an original mood overall…:buttrock:

Congratulation and best wishes for voting:bounce:


This is a detail of my work with the final resolusion I have worked .:slight_smile: