Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: adel adili (Leda)


This is another update ,I couldn’t work on it fully today.
The square in depth should be completed more by adding some auto and human…Also edditing of lighting still remains . I have to complete the windows of the balcony -building and add some birds in the sky and some guys too.
This is the corner of the building on the right of my image which is completed now and it has become dirty by birds.


Hi there,

I like the blue colour tones of your image, it’s looking good. It has a real clean crisp feel to it.
The only thing that really jumped out at me was the new lighting on the roads at thebottom right of the image, that section seems to attract my attention a little more than I think it should.
Hope that’s a help and good luck for Monday :slight_smile:


wow.i see it has become a perfect one.realy massive :applause: :applause:
your attention in every little details is perftect.

but why even with this kind of nice deep perspective,it seems FLAT?and i can see that u’ve blured the deep parts.but it’s flat(just IMOP)

great job man :thumbsup:


Hey , Very nice job Adel . Extremly high detail !!
the only thing i wana say is , the moons are in focus ,at the same time with front of the image , is it ok ??

Wish you succeed.


Great piece of art here :thumbsup:

I have only two crits:
_ your moon planet in front not looks completely round… more like an egg… something is wrong with it :argh:
_ the bottom down right looks verry undetailed… maybe put some haze/fog to hide that :curious:

Anyway brawo!! I`m waiting to see the final image :bounce:


This is the last update before the final image .
I have to finish my final render which has been started last night and will be submitted by tomorrow.
hope there has been a good collection gathered so far of the good works the artists have put their efforts into.
Also needless to mention that the prizes are not very important ,what is really good for me was a sense of liveliness in this challenge.


adel great job …i think the horizon needd some bright color to show the distance(i think)


Very cool work Adel! This is a fantistic bit of work you have done here. I love the landing pads, the texturing is great the vision is thought out and executed well here. Keep at it! A bit more dramatic lighting on the horizon would add a little bit to the entry.


Yes… for the moment the horizon appear to near… just behind the mountain… like a wall of sky… something enlightened will add certainly more depth…

Great realization mate :thumbsup: a so rich masterpiece…


About the lighting in the horizon .It is worked in a way that on the right we have a max specular effect and on the left it is a bit darker because if we want to show the horizon vaster i think this technique can work.:slight_smile:


This is the wire frame of my final project.


WoW, amazing city most detailled, very great work, i wish see the hi res pic for observ all the little detail of the city, very great, perhaps for your planet, She does not seem perfectly round, very good work


what in earth computer you have …:eek:


I guess it’s too late, but the kind of starry web on the planet seems a bit too bright. When looking at your image, that’s the first thing to catch the eye. It’s even more distracting that the sun flare because of the high contrast with the darker planet texture.
I suggest you darker it a bit. It’s too uniform as well, maybe you could tone it down on the right side, as the sun is rising for the folks living up there.
If it was done on purpose don’t mind me. It’s a great job you’ve done here :slight_smile:


great work adel! at this time this image is my favotite i love the smoothness of the whole image & the colours are great good luck:thumbsup:


Hello adel3d, you have a great scene here. Congratulations.
But I have to say that the gravity forces of those planets and moons must create the most unstable reactions on this planet! :slight_smile:


wow…thats great.
but i think that the shadows that those two small moons are making,must be the opposite side,cause our main lightsoarce in the scene is the top right shinig light.and even theire highlight on the corneres are in the same side as theire shadow lines(it seems wrong)

manzooramo toonestam dorost be ingilibegam?

other than thatPERFECT :applause: :applause:


so you haven’t seen the movie PITCHBLACK!in that movie,the distance of the planets are far more near but still no effects on Vin Diesels superman moves :scream:


Dear freind this is the art world and evertything is doable here.:slight_smile:


Thanks ! many others have said this although I had my own reason for that I removed it completely and you can see it in the final in an hour.:deal: :bounce: :wise: