Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: adel adili (Leda)


hey guys,
I am under pressure with some other projects.:buttrock: :buttrock: :buttrock:
pray for me that I finish on time.:shrug: :rolleyes: :slight_smile:


hey man don’t give up I’m with ya


i will…but maybe i can do your project …so far mate:beer:


Ahhh - wonderful work in this thread! I really hope you’ll find time to finish it - good luck!


happy new year!!! COntinue the gr8 work!


Happy new year, Adel3d Best wishes for the new year:beer::beer::beer:


Thank you for your supports friends!
I’ll try to finish the project but you know the more time the better!
Happy New Year to you all !:wavey:


wow Leda, you’ve been very busy and successful since i was here last (long ago, it seems) -i really like what you’ve done with the place!

nice compositing (i’ve never used xref but now i’m looking forward to learning about it sometime), i enjoy your details in the city; it seems well-planned and yet diverse with all the different types of structures

backround looks great and seems to help soften the scene (in a good way)

i like the organic/natural touch with the sun shade thingies on the bottom (they provide a nice sense of contrast), but my eyes get confused with their relation to the hexagon tiles to their left and the domed structure they seem to be running into.

it does seem that the foreground shadows and middle ground shadows might be pointing in different directions…

very nice scene though; can’t wait for the final!



Happy new year Adel.
u r gonna finish it all.if god is willing ofcourse!:smiley:
keep on staying up late at nights!


Hey guys,
I wish you all a prosperous and happy year.
How’s your projects going on?Hopefully we all finish our threads on time and I think I can manage to finish it too.
Anyways, this is my latest upgrade.
I have finalized the background and the horizon layers here.This was really a tough job esp in the horizon layer because it had to match perfectly with the background and middle layers.
Although it was a thin area in horizon I had to cover a depth of 30 kilometers and also I had to show the sphere like surface in both horizon and depth of the view.
So the most professional idea was that the two sides of the runway wouldn’t cross on the horizon.
Also I added another civilization on the opposite planet.
Hope to hear your comments!


Hey Adel,
The background and horizon layers look very nice:thumbsup: .You did a great job with the sky, looking forward to the completed image.



What a beuty…nice colors, and great sense of scale.

Only thing…hehe; It seems like your planet(the big one in the middle) isn´t round(Spherical). I´m sure this is some kind of eye illusion, made by the left highlight, but still…

Anyways, I like this a lot.

Nice detail with the moons(The little one to the right) shadow in the clouds. I saw “Apollo 13”(With Tom Hanks) a while ago, and they used the same effect alot. There it was some sort of lens effect shadow, I mean, space wasn´t totally black, only in the shadow of apollo 13. Hope you understood what I was just saying, my english isn´t that great.

Happy New Year(a little late, but what the h…)


adel grate job you did…:thumbsup:
chera kore baizi hast …?
baraie man doa kon …:shrug:


• Everything is looking… GREAT!!, [size=2]Well done so far Leda, The global atmosphere, the horizon, the other civilization, everything fits for a montruos and amazing final Image, I like it a lot[/size]

• May the force be with you Leda! :thumbsup:


in marbot be estefadeh az lenze dorbin ast…
zemnan omidvar hastam kare ghabele tavajo eraeh bedy moafag bashy.:slight_smile:
Hope to see the other stages!
good luck!:bounce:


I have finalized the middle section.From now on I will be working
on the foreground.I could go more to the details but as there is no time left I think that’s be sufficing.
Here you can see a part of middle section with its wireframe.
Any comments please!


Very nice
it has already good detail
like to see the final image


kheili khoobe , man noor pardazish ro kheili doost daram makhsoosan be khatere tahmayeye banafshi ke behesh dadi va babe tab e salighye man ham hast .

Bravoo Adel :thumbsup:
Good luck .


hello Adel,
this is interesting thread. i like the vasstness of the last image. keep going. wish you luck.


Futuristic besides has a good sense of reality. Do you have a degree in architecture or town planning? :slight_smile:

If you like please check my entries. I need some comments.