Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: MORDIN, Laurent


MORDIN, Laurent has entered the Grand Space Opera 2D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: FAREWELL, MY DEAR CITY

Here we are, I post my final image, I do not think that I would workstill above before the end of the clallenge, although everything is not completed I thank those who brought constructive critics throughout the creation of this composition and has to read my
terrible english (I promises of me improve by the next challenge)
I appreciated the participation in this challenge because he allowed me to exceed me in the art of the painting in participe with many very good artist , I tried to be as high as realization contained in this forum without succeeding really, in my avis but,…Each its level, the drawing is not my job it is only a hobby (a hobby I like) I hope that my image Will be apprecie in some and I wish good luck to all the participants


Good morning, in all and grieved for my English indeed very very very poor . It is the first time that I participate in this competition and when I look at what is post office, I tell myself that the bulk is to participate. Then here is the first stage of my plan, sketches it, I wanted to imager a scene of attack of a futuristic city, with what it entraine, spaceships and all the rest of it, but I wanted to insert into it personage on the first plan to humanize the whole, especially the woman who protect her child


Here a beginning of colour application of the sky. That gives an idea of the tone and selected luminosity. I worked the sky in several layer of the watercolour type to end up reaching a rather realistic result


Here I tried to use a photograph of mountain to try a beginning of matte painting, but good… I should not have an insane technique and the result displeased to me


Finally I chose an entirely graphic work, and I worked the mountain with texture create by my care all in shade, it east can be less realistic but I find that that sticks better with my sky


I like your drawing well to develop, for the sky have would say
3d… good courage.


Thanks Tranchefeu, no, for the sky with photoshop, but with many layers

Si tu préfères me parler en français n’hésite pas, cela m’éviitera des explosion de crâne en tentant de traduire mon anglais qui est trés trés trés mauvais

bon courage à toi et à ton super design


Then, my excuse to have thought of 3d for your sky, it is strong

Alors, mes excuse d’avoir pensé à de la 3d pour ton ciel, c’est fort :thumbsup:


the mountains are finished, i attack the futuristic city


This is really nice, and you can very render well, although I think you should get the whole thing roughly blocked in to see if every piece of the picture works together or not. The sky is great, and the mountains look good, but the mountains don’t look as though they belong in the scene at the moment. Mainly what isn’t working in my opinion is that there is a lot of atmospheric haze on the mountains, but the sky doesn’t appear very atmospheric. It’s very saturated, and those mountains, which appear to be reflective rock, would pick up some of those intense yellows and oranges. Also, the shadows would probably be much darker, as there is only the one light source.

You’ve done an amazing job, and the textures on the mountains have a realistic quality. There’s just some minor adjustments that would make it much stronger, although it is very strong already. I think you’ve done a good job so far, and I really want to see this taken all the way. Great work!!


I added a planet and I withdrew a little from atmospheric effect, I start to work on the ground and in particular the hills, the inegrality is made with brushs, it remains layers of fog has to return


I added a planet and I withdrew a little from atmospheric effect, I start to work on the ground and in particular the hills, the inegrality is made with brushs, it remains layers of fog has to return




Happy to see that I’m not the only one to fight when we have to speak english.

However, nice colors and details, looks like good oldschool airbrush style.
good luck vieux.


to be continued…


I like the colours and atmosphere, however I am a little confused as to what the story is in the composition and what indications there are of a vast civilization. Are you putting in buildings or ships in the background?


Very strong colors, love the sunset. Looks great so far.


Thanks for the critics, yes, after the works on the landscap, i draw a futuristic city who is attack by many starships, but i work step by step scene after scene it’s perhaps confuse for somebody,… excuse me for my terrible english


Looking good so far, nice palette… looking forward to seeing the evolution of the piece!


I worked a little more the atmospheres and I have start has work before plan where will place ourselves the characters