Grafik #DrawCember #Wacom sketchbook thread


Do u have any advice to achieve more polished look @grafik


Re: David Morales - I’m kind of wondering too. It looks like there’s color dodge. I’m such a cartoonist (I realized recently) that I never really got layering and effects techniques figured out in Photoshop.

Nice picture. I like the concept.

For details, I must say the girl is left a bit more to the line drawing stage, while the rest is more developed.

I’ve had an owl drop off a snowy power pole when I was riding a bike at night.

Actually, I was sitting wondering last week sometime if that wasn’t a composite memory of various situations and superimposed movie scenes or photos or something.

I’m pretty sure it did happen, though, because I have the locale in the right timeline.

How are you this fine day?


Thank you Beatrix!

Dartmora,it’s a lot to cover in one comment, it also depends on the style you want, for painterly look or realistic for fine shading I work with large brushes with very low opacity, 10%, varying the hardness depending on the surface or texture you want to represent, this after blocking all the shapes over sketch…for detailing, very small brush with high opacity and hardness. For this contest, I tried many brushes, but usually I use two or 3 the most. In addition, it is important to see references of what you’re representing, studies of light and/or have a good sense of light sources and direction to fully represent and add realism and a polished look so you can apply the brush strokes and color correctly, and not have it so much that rough/concept look. Your work is pretty good, you should look up on youtube there’s some very good videos on shading, it’s all about patience, don’t expect to master it at first try.

JoelHageman, thanks! The work it’s a bit unfished ,it’s not easy to do a full illustration everyday
it took around 4-5 hours. About the color dodge I don’t use it, not sure to witch part on the work you refer.


I’m loving the experiments you’re making. Not sure if its because of the reference photos, or the brushs or the effects you’re using but i see your art getting alot more realistic!


great works ! day 20 is sooooo nice


POSEIdOON!Thanks man! I’ve done realism before, but i tend to get tired of the style, but you can always explore a style in so many different ways.
Rajanandepu thank you! you ahve very good Works!


Really nice, it has a cinematography look. Probably because of the blur, that gives the feeling of a camera focus. Really nice. Such an inspiration.


The Owl
It seems to be there, in this magical atmosphere. Really good!:applause:


thank you gfigueroa!

Title: Hunters in a winter the night
Day 21 of Drawcember/ CGSociety/Wacom
Winter, snow
Another winter scene, had to many ideas for the challenge, didn’t make them all, some worked out better than others, but in the end its all the experience that counts.
This is a study of composition/narrative and how to direct focus with just drawing and painting of light and shadow, color, no FX, blur or whatever
this is the closest to my style. It’s not polished or completely finish, even so it took around 5 hours.
I’m happy with the result has is. Hope you like it also.

#DrawCember #MadeWithWacom #wacom #cgsociety #intuos4 #christmas
#hollidays #snow #Winter #blizzard #snow #wolfes #landscape



The composition is really engaging in this one! Great painting


Great composition. Great lighting. Great subject.
I’d hang it at home. I like everything. Very good!:slight_smile:


Very nice picture, exciting composition!


Hahaha, I would need 50 hours to do something like that.
You’re amazing, dude :eek:


Great composition and lighting in the last one!


If lammakian needs 50hrs… I need months!! Beautiful. I would love to see your process to learn… Do you have any video with you doing any piece? :slight_smile:


Great air perspective, composition, and mood! Bravo!


Love the lights in the last one!


Thank you, POSEIdOON, STFVIT Beatrix, Doomov, JC3D and LadyMedusa
Lammakian thanks man! I also would take 50 hours to do what you do.
gfigueroa, thanks man! I don’t, I’m hardly being able to make the pieces
I never done videos before also, but I have done tutorials, here’s one if you like, it’s a bit old, but the digital it’s one of the easiest processes to learn. let me know if you try it.
OLD TUTORIAL!AorP1rZgykbvlB32rbK_yA1eZQvu


truly awesome :slight_smile: the atmosphere seems calm and cold. reminds me of Rise of TR a lot :slight_smile: great job!


Nice tutorial, thanks, Grafik!