Grafik #DrawCember #Wacom sketchbook thread


Cool stuff man! Alot of details. I like the dead birds :slight_smile:


Love it so much! There’s so much storytelling going on in one image!!


Great work!!


Wonderful! I want to be in that room!! :smiley:


Thanks allfor the kind words! Much appreciated!


I totally understand you, mate. Last couple days was too hard. I am also thinking about picking simpler subject matters. The last one is really good btw, love your color choices!


Thanks Doomov! Has we all get to the final stage we need to push hard to complete the mission! :slight_smile:
Title: Departure
Day 14 of Drawcember/ CGSociety/Wacom
Lots of experimentationon this one
#DrawCember #MadeWithWacom #wacom #cgsociety #intuos4
#christmas #hollidays #season #Winter #blizzard #snow


wow :smiley: this one looks awesome. it is full of details. do not know where to look first :slight_smile: I like the sharpness which is limiting the zone where you should look at. truly a wintery walking scene :smiley: great work


Very nice picture!


Holy shit. Wow this one is really top notch.


This one is CRAZY GOOD Tiago!
Damn it, so much details and color looks like a photo.


That last one is particularly impressive! You’re taking a lot of risks here given the daily pace, and it’s paying off :slight_smile:
The process would be interesting to watch for the last one. Did you start it off with a similar (safe) liney approach as the last several pieces, or did you go at it via a completely different angle from the get-go?


Great beautiful image.
You are really good!:eek:
A question, if you can answer,
how did you do it?


Thanks forall the comments guys!
STFVIT thank you! I create all my work in Photoshop with my Wacom intuos4, for this one I used a lot of experimentation of different digital techniques, used a lotmore brushes than my usual, with textures, done various effects that create the realism, I also used some textures.


Title: The Prowler
Day 15 of Drawcember/ CGSociety/Wacom
This one is the closest to my usual style of illustration, it’s not completely finished because I simply don’t have the time
usually I would take around 12hours at least to complete.
Not very happy with some parts, but the idea is there, mostly wanted to create an exaggerated view for this idea. Hve you seen Soul eater? like those :smiley:
Inspired by my cat; sadly he died last month! So it’s a tribute to the old fella.
#DrawCember #MadeWithWacom#wacom #cgsociety #intuos4
#christmas #hollidays
#season #Winter#blizzard #snow #chimney #cat


wow! :open_mouth: simply speechless…


This is SUUUUper cool!


The Prowler is awesome!


Another great piece my friend!
(sorry about your cat)


Omg your chimney piece reminds me of halloween!! I love it. It’s got a surreal yet fantasyish feel to it. :slight_smile: