Grafik #DrawCember #Wacom sketchbook thread


I like this style you’re using. You’re already fast with your normal detailed style, with this you probably made it in less then an hour…


Very good. Nice subject and excellent fur realization.:applause:


thanks man!


Very nice :slight_smile: keep it up!


I’m curious, do you use model references?


Good job! Your drawing style makes me think of color pencils somehow, it’s a nice cozy feeling! C:


Thanks for your kind comments guys.
Jassar, sometimes, mostly for pose references and face features,I used a reference in this last one for the face, you might recognize the face, she’s
famous. :slight_smile:
hokutonakatany thank you, yes it’s exactly what I’m trying to achieve, before doing all digitally when I was a younger I did it all with pencils, pens and color pencils, now I’m trying to go with a similar look with a digital technique
usually my digital style is more painterly.


These are really nice! Are you planning for all of your challenge drawings to be a collection of portraits?


Thank you chantellewalker! Curious you asking this, I got bored, today I’ve decided to create something different, a lamp :slight_smile: I’m following the topics suggested.


Nice work, loving all of them so far!


thanks Remi


Day 04 – lamp, lantern, canbdle lights, decorations
Man, I’m tired
More painterly style this time, It took longer than I wanted, around 4 hours.
This is a representation of old memories
some items refer to mychildhood, to Christmas in my grandparents house, the old petrol lamp, the small knife, key
no snow though, we don’t have that where I live.
Hope you like it!

#DrawCember #MadeWithWacom #wacom #cgsociety


I find yours is one of the ones I keep on checking back the most. :slight_smile: I really like your prop choices.


The snow falling, i don’t know why, but sure makes it nostalgic… it gives a good feeling of Christmas memories


Beautiful, charming picture!


Whao! Very personal and beautiful design.


It definitely worths the time you put, well done!


day 05- sleigh, sledding, holliday, snow
#DrawCember #MadeWithWacom #wacom #cgsociety
#sleigh #sledding


Your works are great, I like the mood of the old petrol lamp and the kids’ emotions :slight_smile:


We need to go to Serra da Estrela to get some snow! Ehehe… or Serra Nevada
Nice work!