Grafik #DrawCember #Wacom sketchbook thread


So Tiago, this latest design when it arrives?
I’m curious.:slight_smile:


Title: The Hunt
Day 22 of Drawcember/ CGSociety/Wacom
Final piece!
Man I’m tired, but it was well worth the experience,got influenced and motivated by so many people works.
MerryChristamas to all!
#DrawCember #MadeWithWacom#wacom #cgsociety #intuos4
#christmas #hollidays
#season #Winter#blizzard #snow #warrior #hunter


22 days of work!


A final piece that kicks some serious ass ! What more do you need ? :thumbsup:
Your work is amazing and I’m happy I was there to see it in real time (so to speak). Happy Holidays, Tiago !


Very nice. And looks like Selena Gomez.

The collection of all 22 is impressive.

Congrats! You did a lot.


Great idea to post your collection. I think I might do the same - it’s a good moral booster for yourself and shows what to be proud of.

But that last image holy smokes. That’s sticking in my head for a loooong time. Beautiful!


sweeettttttt amazing work few favorites but great overalll


Damn! Alot of great work and i loved the last one :smiley: You ended it with a bang! In this case a hunt :slight_smile:
Thanks for all the support and inspiration my friend and see you around in 2018!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!


Waoh… stellar series of amazing high detailed illustration here~… Especially Day 14 The departure & the Train truthfully captured the soul of a winter so perfectly.
Cool to see you compiled every pieces together!

Thanks for sharing your artworks & knowledges in creating these works.
It’s quite crazy the final piece you had done will actually require more than a day for my current skills.
You did it so well with a professional goal.

Apologizes if i didn’t visited your thread as often cause i was rushed out my daily art and straight headed to my cozy bed.
Thank again & MERRRRRRY CHRISTMAS~ and a GREAT NEW YEAR ahead of you too.


Wow amazing, and putting all together was a great idea Grafik! :slight_smile: Great job!


_ Well Done_ _``~…Happy Christmas


Tiago, great addition to sketchbook! Day 22 is seriously cool. Happy holidays and looking for more works from you. Cheers!


Congrats man! Awesome job with this challenge! Your work during this challenge was a great inspiration! Happy Holidays!


Thank you all for the kind comments and all the support throughout the contest!
MerryChristmas to all!


stunning! I am so amazed with your illustrations! simply can´t decide which one my favourite is. But my taste tends to your scarf and last entry. So cool:applause:

Congratulations on completing this challenge! Merry christmas to you :slight_smile:


Tiago the last illustration The Hunt is splendid.
Excellent idea to collect them all together.
I renew my Merry Christmas wishes.:applause:


For me… You’re the winner! :slight_smile:


Beautiful artwork! Congrats on finishing the challenge. I like all of the sketches, especially the train in the snow, because it makes me want to travel. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Great to see your work in the collection!
Congratulations for the wonderful works!
Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! :slight_smile:


Thank again STFVIT, Pboro, Nataliel and Beatrix!