GPU prices...Yikes!


Simple. Why overthink it. Buy the Nvidia GPU(s) where your buget fits.


Fascinating Thread - 5.1k views? Creepy - I’d be a bit more careful about the info you’re divulging - Wall Street by now is probably watching :slight_smile:


and it’s back to 18k… say bye bye to gpu prices :))


bitcoin doesnt use gpus anymore, theyre just not profitable. I think we’re relatively safe compared to where we were years ago.


True but Bitcoin is only one of numerous crypto-currencies. Ethereum GPU mining is still a thing and people are still buying up cards to mine for that currency. A few other currencies also are viable on GPUs. GPU mining is less lucrative and common…that much is true.

Current GPU shortfalls are mainly caused by this:
-GPU demand is insane right now

-TSMC w/their new 7nm and 5nm fabrication is swamped. TSMC is chip foundry for game consoles, AMD CPU/GPU, Apple M1 and iOS. And until recently were sole provider for Nvidia. TSMC is so far in front of everyone else that they are almost the only game in town.

-Nvidia turned to Samsung for their latest cards but Samsung was new to the 8nm game and have had difficulty generating high yields. Word is Nvidia will try to get TSMC to help, but as just stated, TSMC is swamped.


True, and likely to increase soon too:


For the quarter in review, Nvidia sold at least $175 million worth of new generation GPUs to ethereum miners, helping the outperformance, according to a note from RBC Capital Markets analyst Mitch Steves. The analyst had guided sales to miners to come in at $150 million for the quarter.

Steves noted that the upcoming network upgrade of the Ethereum blockchain, also known as Ethereum 2.0, which is scheduled to take place sometime in December, demands that miners switch over to more efficient mining hardware. Nvidia’s new Ampere GPU chips are thought to meet that need.


Beginning to wonder if the GPU market isn’t getting ‘gamed’ by inside players.

We’ve all heard complaints about so-called scalpers, but what if some of these scalpers are working in coordination with Nvidia/AMD and companies like Amazon?

If you go to Amazon right now you can easily buy a 3080 or 3090 if you are willing to pay $400-$900 above retail price. Amazon will happily sell you one through one of their “partners” with slick names like “uShopMall Fast” or “TheSupplierHub.”

Why do I have a hunch that Amazon might be particularly cozy with some of these partners and could be making a considerably higher margin when selling thru such ‘partnerships’?


2020, among many other things, can go down as the year of conspiracy theories.


If you follow the news…MSI already got busted* for doing exactly what I’m talking about (Selling to a ‘partner’ that is in fact explicitly tied to the parent company). So we know it’s happening. We just don’t know who all is doing it.

Funny that Amazon has no problem with supply if you want to pay the 400-1200$ extra through it’s ‘partners’. Just check.

Yes 2020 is a year of conspiracies and also a year of naive suckers…believing the rich and the elite. It’s perhaps an open question what we have in this case.

My opinion is that Nvidia, Amazon or partners are working the game. Not illegal. Bit shady. Can’t prove it. Just my opinion.

Check out various cards…You see this repeatedly…with lots of stock availability.

*Not criminally busted, but called out by the biggest tech YouTubers and bloggers (like Linus)


Another example…you see these when you click “See buying options.” Funny to see what you find when googling some of these ‘partners’, LOL.


GPU prices. Leading companies set the price others follow.


The RTX A6000 is readily available, which is exceptional in Redshift for memory based handling.
The only issue, is that I can’t afford two.


Why focus on this? This is off topic and not relevant to Cinema 4D in any way. Hardware discussion should be removed from this forum.


Well, Cinema is heavily hardware dependent, Redshift is particularly GPU dependent.




You dug up an old thread, added nothing useful, then complained when somebody else replied?