GoT Beyond the Wall Entry - 'Grand Finale - A Symphony of Ice & Fire'


First Stage





Info :
It was said that creativity would be crucial, so I put my own spin on one of my all-time fav TV Shows! Fans will know I’ve obviously taken some liberties with the plot to insert some of my crazy epic ideas, some of which I think might come true, like King’s Landing burning up from wildfire. Self-conceived ideas include Arya (with an eye-patch!) and the Hound riding Rhaegal (Azor Ahai sword haha)… and Viserion sprouting/ mutating another more sinister head that can breathe Wildfire! Jon having a flaming Azor Ahai sword I thought would be cool and almost probable to occur. I know the Hound hates fire… but WAT IF he in fact did die in Season 4 and was (without his knowledge) resurrected… and reborn with immunity to fire (like Dany) that even he has yet to realize!

Final Artwork :