Got Banner?


Anyone got their custom banner working? Maybe it needs to be 900 X 164 like the know issues thread almost addresses…



Mine is working perfectly, 900x165 (at least it is 900x165 on the page, don’t remember what size I uploaded :))


I don’t see any banner at all, too. (even yours, urgaffel)
I use IE 6…


That’s odd, I know it works in Firefox… Maybe you should report it as a bug?


Can’t upload mine (900X165), it reports as uploaded, but nothing shows up - Opera and IE 6.

And either I see yours, urgaffel.


Same as Urgaffel, I’m also using Firefox and have no problems with the banners.


Otay, looks like an AD blocker was preventing me from seeing them.

Tnx for da feedback.



yeah, the banners are stored in a ‘banners’ folder cgsociety, if you can’t see them, try whitelisting our site :slight_smile:


I have whitelisted “” but nothing happens. Is this address or another?


try white-listing the whole of cgsociety :slight_smile:


Switching to Firefox would probably be quicker… and possibly more forgiving on your soul… :wink:


Using firefox here and banners seems to work just fine.


This is what was causing my banner fiasco. I had Firefox blocking the banner not once but at least three times – had to do a little digging and fine tuning to get it right.

I would bet that a huge chunk of Firefox visitors don’t see any banners at CGSociety because “banners” is one of the first things you adblock if you’re using the plugin.

Of course changing the banner names to something that is less likely to be blocked would be a nightmare – so probably the Firefox folks will just have to miss out.


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