Gossage Daily Sketchbook: (From: CGTalk Daily Sketch Forum )


      hum, hum,
      I guess I've enough sketch now to start my own sketch book.
      I have so much fun participating to this that I forget to be shy about my skills.
      So let's start :
 1493 - "Hellboy"
      my first speedpainting attempt (done with a reference image)

 1502 - "The Joker"
      2nd try, without ref
 1507 - "red"


Now, some unpublished ones (out of time or didn’t feel like publishing’em at that time)

1512 - “shark” (unpublished)

1509 - “perspective” (unpublished)

1615 - “the singer” (unpublished)

1655 - “self-portrait snowman” (unpublished, never finished it, but i like the idea, so maybe, i’ll finish it someday)


back to the actual dsf sketches :

1625 - “alive”

1634 - “the red bishop”

“A geek love”

1649 - “the early bird”


1641 - “My dog fluffy” (category winner)

1646 - “the drunk”

1668 - “happy new year”

1672 - “A mountain called monkey”

that’s all for today !


Hi everybody,
1h30 with psd+wacom


1h30 ps+wacom


3 hours (ps+wacom)


1 hour ps+wacom


4 hours with ps+wacom


I spent too much time (or not enough yet) on it, I’ll eventually go back to it later. (ps+wacom+blender for the buildings geometry).


Here’s a new sketch I did today, inspired by the work of Enki Bilal. It’s mostly hand sketch, but I added some colours to evocate the french flag (the explanation is in the title, the expression “françafrique” is about the constant interfering of the french government and oil companies in the internal policies of its former colonies.). Hope you’ll like it, c&c are more than welcome.


A cat named George - 50mn


Spent almost 3h on this one (way tooooo long)

face and hand refined. hope you’ll like it :


result after 2h.

wanted to give an impression of lava that didn’t work out, but I thought the result was interesting. Hope you’ll think it too…


after 2h30 (ran out of time, as usual)