Good Workstation?


Hey guys i’m a first semester game art and design student.
I’m looking to buy a computer that can handle all the softwares that i will be using like Maya,Motion Builder, Mud Box, 3dsmax, Unity Pro, Photoshop, After Effects,Blender, Cinema 4D, Zbrush…

Here is the config that i’m thinking about buy:

Processor: 2x Dual 20-Core Total (Intel Xeon 10-Core E5-2660 v2 2.2GHz (25MB Cache) (Ivy Bridge-EP)
Motherboard: Dual CPU (ASUS Z9PE-D8 WS (Chipset: Intel C602)
System Memory: 64GB DDR3 (Server/Workstation ECC Registered) 1600MHz Digital Storm Certified (8GBx8 Config)
Power Supply: 1500W EVGA SuperNOVA NEX1500 Classified (Dual/Triple/Quad SLI Compatible)
Optical Drive: Blu-Ray & DVD Writer/Reader (Burn + Play Blu-Ray & DVDs) (12x BD-R)
Storage Set 1: 1x Storage (4TB Western Digital - Black Edition)
Storage Set 2: 2x SSD (750GB Samsung 840 EVO)
Internet Access: Wireless PCI-E ASUS PCE-N53 (Dual Band Performance) (Supports 802.11n/g/b)
Graphics Card(s): NVIDIA Quadro K6000 12GB (Outputs: 1x DVI-I ; 1x DVI-D ; 2x DisplayPort 1.2; 1x Stereo)
Extreme Cooling: H20: HydroLux Level 1:  Cooling System (CPU Only)
H20 Tube Color:Red Tubing with High-Performance Fluid (UV Lighting Reactive)
Chassis Fans: Upgrade All Fans to Corsair Airflow Performance Edition (Up to 6 Fans)
Internal Lighting: - No Thanks
Airflow Control: Digital Storm HydroLux Thermal Management Control Board & Software
Noise Reduction: Noise Suppression Package Stage 2 (Optimized Airflow & Fan Speeds with Noise Dampening Material)
Windows OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional (64-Bit Edition)
Recovery Tools: Windows Recovery Toolkit (Bundled with Windows CD)
Surge Shield: APC BR1500G Uninterruptible Backup Surge Conditioner (Recommended)

Total Price : 17,003.00

Never had a Computer like that…
It is good for the beginner?
This will be only for work, i got another pc for gaming but is only 2k haha.
Well i hope you guys can help me, thank you very much.


First advice, those CPU will be terribly slow while working since most operation are single threaded, if you really want to go the dual Xeon route you should look at least for a CPU clocked @3+ghz.
Second advice, build it by your self. You can save about 7000$ on the same hardware.

Are you sure you really need that kind of workstation as a student? IMO you should consider to build a powerfull I7 machine(maybe wait for the upcoming 8core) with a good GPU and a fast SSD, you will probably have a more productive PC and save a lot of money.


First semester art student…

20 cpu cores… 1.5Kwatt psu… 1.5TB SSD… Quadro 6000


Not sure if serious. :curious:


My bet is that your 2K gaming PC will leave the Xeon rig in the dust for actually working with 3D DCC apps.
Whoever recommended that setup has either no idea, or stands to benefit from you buying it.


To be on the safe side, I’d get at least 3 or 4 of those… :wink:


I don’t know how to build a computer by myself.
What about 2x Dual 20-Core Total (Intel Xeon 10-Core E5-2690 v2 3.0GHz (25MB Cache) (Ivy Bridge-EP)?

Well is not because i’m a first semester student, but because i have a courses website that i sell my courses that i do + i got 3 youtube channels with 100k+ subscribers, and all the money that i have is just working only with stuff like that so…
Thank you for your help.


For $1000 I’ll build the system for you. :beer:

You could spend $3-4k and have a really decent system and not be broke… or have several systems.

Get a 4 core i7 proc, a 850 watt PSU, an SSD boot drive (512mb), 16-32gb ram, a Nvidia K4000 and an extra 7200rpm 1TB drive


Final Build:

Processor: 2x Dual 20-Core Total (Intel Xeon 10-Core E5-2690 v2 3.0GHz (25MB Cache) (Ivy Bridge-EP)
Motherboard: Dual CPU (ASUS Z9PE-D8 WS (Chipset: Intel C602)
System Memory: 64GB DDR3 1600Mhz Digital Storm Certified Performance Series (Highly Recommended) (Hand Tested)
Power Supply: 1050W Corsair Pro Silver 1050HX (Dual/Triple/Quad SLI Compatible)
Optical Drive: Blu-Ray & DVD Writer/Reader (Burn + Play Blu-Ray & DVDs) (12x BD-R)
Storage Set 1: 1x Storage (4TB Western Digital - Black Edition)
Storage Set 2: 2x SSD (750GB Samsung 840 EVO)
Internet Access: Wireless PCI-E ASUS PCE-N53 (Dual Band Performance) (Supports 802.11n/g/b)

Graphics Card(s): NVIDIA Quadro K4000 3GB (Outputs: 1x DVI-I ; 2x DisplayPort 1.2)

HPC Processor: 1x NVIDIA Tesla K20 Computing Processor (5GB of Memory)

Extreme Cooling: H20: HydroLux Level 1: Exotic Custom Cooling System (CPU Only)
H20 Tube Color:Red Tubing with High-Performance Fluid (UV Lighting Reactive)
Chassis Fans: Upgrade All Fans to Corsair Airflow Performance Edition (Up to 6 Fans)
Airflow Control: HydroLux Thermal Management Control Board & Software
Noise Reduction: Noise Suppression Package Stage 2 (Optimized Airflow & Fan Speeds with Noise Dampening Material)


OK, I’ll put this simply and politely. Your first decent machine for CG doesn’t need to cost more than $2k. When you go into a studio for work, you’ll be lucky to get a machine that costs 3-4 at most. Now ask yourself, do you need a computer which has a significantly higher spec than anything you’ll likely ever work with? getting an over the top machine now may in fact hinder you at work because suddenly you’ll have to deal with a quarter of the RAM, a quarter of the cpu cores, a quarter of the SSD storage space; All you’ll do is learn a mountain of bad working practices because you’ll be overcompensating with unrealistic specs. Your machine is taking a huge amount of money and pissing it up the wall.

Almost everything you want to do can be done faster and cheaper on a 4/6 core i7. Genuinely, your dual 10 core xeons will be slower for almost everything you want to do. You can save thousands of dollars by picking a single socket cpu, motherboard and ram.

64 gigs of ram is over the top, 32/16 will have almost no impact other than teaching you to be vaguely efficient with your resources.

Quadro gfx card, a waste of time for all the software youve listed. A geforce 780 will run all of that stuff faster and leave you with enough beer money to spend your entire university life drunk.

What are you doing with 1.5TB of SSD space? you can’t even spec a high end Mac workstation with 1.5TB of SSD storage. Not even professional video editors working on 4k footage will likely have that much SSD space.

Tesla K20 … Most people normally go for the sports car route to compensate. $100 says you don’t even know why you added it to the hardware list. Serious question, why is it there?


This will be about half as fast as a slightly overclocked 4770K when it comes to single processing speed.
It’s a pretty fast rendering setup, but not a workstation i would like to use and definitely not worth the kind of money you are trying to spend here.


If you’re going for dual xeon, go with the dual 3.4ghz 8-core e5-2687w2, NOT the 3ghz 10-core cpus.

Remove the K20 tesla unless you know EXACTLY what you’re going to use it for and fully understand EXACTLY how much it’s going to help you. Otherwise it’s wasted money.

Most people here would say to go with a cheaper machine and buy additional cheap rendering machines. I’d generally agree with that a well - like a 4930k CPU based system instead. We don’t know your full situation or how familiar you are with networking and render management software. It would be a good idea to learn though.

If you’re the only 3D artist doing the work, then maybe you’ll really need that extra power to compensate for you being a single artist because you’ll need some sort of edge to compensate for you just being a single artist - and a beginner at that.

Some places have what seems like an unlimited budget where their IT people tell the employees to “not worry about the money, and to just get whatever is the best system available”. In that case, ask them for this top of the line machine, plus 5 other render slaves. If they say that’s too much money, then you can scale back the machine specs.

If you are a beginner though, honestly most of the system will be wasted because you’re still going to be mentally slow at executing your work. All those CPU cores will mostly sit there doing nothing. They’ll be useful for rendering and compositing though.


Spend less now, learn what you actually need, spend again later


Why not spend more now and learn now with all this free courses and digital tutors websites and this one too.
With a expensive machine is better then learn with a shitty machine right?


Yeah i really don’t know much of the Tesla K20, the guy from the place that i will buy the computers recommended to take off the k6000 and put a k4000 + Tesla K20
i saved $1000 with this , but yeah i’m not really sure yet about this computer configurations yet, i doing some researches and that is why i’m asking here, some people are taking as joke.
Well i got the money and i want to use it in the best way i can with a good computer that i can do my work and projects that i have for a game i got a team already i just need a computer.
For the professional computer i want something that i can rendering 3d very fast if you know what i mean, no wait.
I do like to work with video too like Visual Effects & Motion Graphics, so needs to be good with Autodesk and Adobe softwares.

Maybe you can help me with that then.
Can we chat?

Thanks for your help.


People are taking it as a joke because recommendations like that offered to someone outside very specific fields (and if you can’t tell you’re not one of those) is a joke. You’ve either been receiving very bad advice, or been asking the wrong things, likely a mix of both.

First the K4000 is a joke of a videocard. It must be the singularly worst bang for buck I’ve evaluated in a long time. It’s about a third to a fourth the speed of a GTX780, it doesn’t have a lot of ram, and it’s in the topp half of the quadro pricing scheme.

The TeslaK20, outside of the scientific community or if you develop against it, is a waste of money. Even for GPU rendering (which I don’t see a mention of) it isn’t very good value for money.

As for the rest, people are giving you good advice. Spend less, figure out what you actually really get bottlenecked at, and after that figure out if there’s a hardware solution available to removed or widen that bottleneck.

You are setting yourself up for a massive hardware fail. All the way from webfarm CPUs meant to run a slew of virtual machines to GPU setups meant for the scientific community you have hardly picked a part that’s good bang for buck for CGI, and often picked parts that are not only not good bang for buck, but outright bad performers.
You seem to be going by the idea that spending more means getting more performance, but that’s not the case, you’re building a one million dollar formula one car to take on an offroad track people run optimally with vehicles coming for a fraction of the price. In light of that people’s advice to stagger and practice your expenses is excellent advice. It might not please your confirmation bias instinct, but it’s the best you could have received. Up to you to listen to it or not :slight_smile:


Somehow I missed the first sentence about you being a student. I was thinking you already got a job and someone was paying for your equipment because usually students and even most professionals don’t have this kind of money to burn for no reason.

 IMO don't spend this much money on a system for you to learn on unless your parents are filthy rich and paying for it because they "want you to have the best". If you're taking out a loan or spending your savings on this machine as a 1st semester student, you're crazy. I wouldn't do it because it's not worth it.
 This machine will not be faster at modeling, animating, texture painting, compositing, editing. It will be faster at rendering, certain effects simulations, and possibly final compositing output depending on how CPU intensive your composites get. It's really not going to give you any "edge" in school other than bragging rights. Even then, if one of your peers is still able to make better quality art than you with a lesser machine and not needing to spend such excess money, how would that make you look?
 Anyway, if you have money to burn and don't care about it then go for it cause you're not going to listen to any of us anyway. I'm sure all of us would have liked to have a top of the line system when we were learning or even now as professionals. If you are sure that you need to have a top system, it would be more worthwhile towards the end of school when you're putting together your demo reel to get a job rather than when you're first learning how to model cubes or spaceships and battle mechs. Even then, whatever time that extra $10k got you over a normal $2k system, it's doubtful it will be worth the extra money you paid. Especially when you could just buy another $2k system later that would probably be faster anyway.


I really think you are missing the point of the advice you are getting. You can get a great machine for alot less and it’s clear that you don’t know what some of this hardware that you are being told you need by a sales guy is good for.

So would you prefer to blow $17k and then find out you’ve been had or spend a few grand and figure out what you actually need or upgrade your system as you actually need it?

Also no amount of hardware will allow you to work without any waiting. A large part of the learning process is figuring out what you can and can’t do within the limitations of not just your system’s hardware but the software as well.

I’m guessing there is upwards 50+ years of experience in this thread alone advising you.


Even then, 17k would buy you a pretty decent mini renderfarm + a fast single socket comp that would put to shame this monsterbuild. If I have one advice to add : take your cash and run as far as you can from that hardware “counselor” of yours. And not to forget, whether you dish out 1000$ or 20000$ for a system, it will still be obsolete in 3-4 years…


Hey thank you for your reply sentry66.

I’m sorry you guys got me wrong.
Well i’m building this computers with Digital Storm Online.
I’m open to listen to everybody here most because everybody here have more knowledge than me in this area.
But i still want to have a good 3d rendering,video and photo editing computer that i can work with Autodesk and Adobe Softwares.
Maybe i’m too excited about a computer like that, i’ve been always using my shitty laptop that i couldn’t even run zbrush without crashing so…

Can you help me with a system good enough for this stuff and is not 17k+…

I just really don’t know much about it but i’ve been doing researches everywhere.
I saw some youtube videos about the K6000 12 GB and the Tesla, i saw that Tesla is not good for rendering…
but the Quadro is, the max ram that i had in my laptop was 8 gb so haha i choose 64 for this one but maybe 32 is enough, i really don’t know.

So lets say please everybody that have all this knowledge what would be a configuration for a computer that would be less then 10 k and would be good to work with Autodesk softwares like 3dsmax, maya,motion builder,mud box.

And Unity Pro 5.x, Adobe Photoshop,After Effects, Premiere Pro,Illustrator…

First i was looking for a computer that could be a workstation and a gaming computer.
I was thinking about get a computer with 3x Titan Black 6 GB.
because it’s not good to mix a gtx graphic card with a quadro.

Someone told me that if i get 3x titan would be good both for gaming and workstation computer with rendering 3d…
but i really don’t like the titan as much i prefer the gtx 780 ti for gaming.
and i want to use the OptiX system with the Quadro card so i choose to build 2 computers one professional and one for gaming that is only 2k.

My Budget for both computers together is 22,600.00 USD + Shipping.

Maybe if anyone could help me with a good computer that i can have a good fast way to rendering 3d and do video and photo editing without need to wait 1 thousand hours and something that crashes all the time.

I can’t find a single store in my city that i can buy a computer, I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota and the Digital Storm Store is in California so that is why i have the + shipping price.

Here is the Digital Storm Website with my configuration loaded.
(If you can’t open the configuration page just put this code 964061 in the text box and press load )

if you guys could help me build that and click save and send me the configuration code, or just see the build and say what i could change that is good enough for now.
I think i’m just scared of getting a low price computer that will be very shitty for do what i want.
I have plenty of time to learn on this website and Digital Tutors website/Lynda.

Thank you very much for all your help and patience :smiley: .


Absolutely. IMO money like that should be spent to earn money when you’re capable of it.

Someone in school isn’t going to learn to create better work because they have a higher-end system. It’ll just be a luxury in certain, likely rare instances.

Likely they don’t even know what specialization they want to do yet. If they decide they like modeling, animating, or texturing the most, they don’t need a fancy machine to put together a portfolio for that other than basic renders. If they decide they wants to specialize in rendering and lighting, then they’re much better off buying multiple machines to delve into fancier renders and learning more about running a render farm than dumping everything into one machine that won’t be as capable as a small farm.