Good Street/Road Texture



I have been actually trying to figure this out on my own for years, but never asked anyone else. My question is How to make a good road texture? Should i be measuring the road? If so, what exactly am i measuring? Should i just put a texture on a large plane & just repeat the UV?

This texture is for a game, but will also be used in an animation as well where polycount dosent matter.

I actually like substance Painter ALOT, but i dont know how to approach this in that program. I can paint some descent looking stuff in substance, but this road texture is not one of them. Any suggestions?

Simialr to the roads and ground found in this picture & trailer


Excuse my bad english, I’m none native english speaker. I have been doing some roadtextures for games in the past. I can recomment a larger colormap (e.G. 1024x 4096) for general color variations on the surface. I’m using a decal map for closeup details including a normalmap. You can find nice road textures