Goblin WIP 2d


WIP of a goblin, just a random sketch I decied to render out to relearn the digital process. All manner of critique welcome.

Start with the quick sketch. I do some prelighting and what not with the pink pen. Not concerned with perfect anatomy at this stage.

Next I block out colors to see what’s what and give me a guide.

More progress, playing with skin tones.

SSS pass, to later be blended with other layers.

Some more work on detail and grime layers. I kind of do this paint by numbers thing where I render something out before moving on to the next part. I find it gives each individual piece more life and interest.


All drawn with blue and pink pen/pocket sketchbook, painted in photoshop. Hand painting everything with a mouse. 150dpi, I don’t like to work too big as the details aren’t super important it is the feel I am going for.


One last thing, my influences are frank frazetta, super lumpy, exaggerated but realistic anatomy, bright colors, he man box art stuff. But my painting background is watercolor, which shows through in my technique.

This isn’t for anything particular. Just production art to fill a void in my portfolio.


First pass on some face skin. Finding out who this dude is.


Looks very alike my neighbour :scream:


Does your neighbor have a moustache?


moving on to the rest of it.


Not very much experience painting fabrics. But anyways, I guess this guy shops at the same store as skeletor.


Yeah and a beard. But looks like yours shaves daily :wink:


This guy will be done this weekend. Got some time to work on this and get my portfolio live need to app for a job Monday before the listing vanishes.

Obviously you can’t paint black leather on a black background by using black. Violets/Blues/Greens and some reds used as with black leather, it’s usually the oils that catch the light and it gives an almost iridescent sheen…

When I used to color comic drawings we called this “Blue Black”


A cool technique I learned somewhere ( Hand Painting lighting into early 2000’s textures probably) for holes in fabric.

You basically take your diffuse map that you have painted your lighting on, edit that layer so that only your whitest highlights are shown in white white, as below

Then you switch layer blending to soft light, adjust the opacity to taste, instant depth and a cool look with minimal effort. Can also work for a quick shadow pass if you invert the white, and add a half a pixel or so of gaussian blur.


And After


Started working on the torso… t’s all just building up layers. Start out painting the forms with Light only. focusing on outline and specific shape will only screw you up.

The torso like this would be step one of the painting process after sketch. Here is where you fix any anatomy and drawing mistakes. No need to worry about making a perfect sketch as it will be fixed if it ever makes it to a finished piece in the first phase of paintover