Gnomon Analog DVDs on CGSociety Store - 5% discount


Hi all,

Just letting you know that the entire Gnomon Workshop Analog Library is now available via the CGSociety store. CGS members get a 5% discount, and we offer very attractive shipping rates worldwide!

DVDs from all these designers are now available:

  • Ryan Church
  • Feng Zhu
  • Harald Belker
  • Carlos Huante
  • James Clyne
  • Scott Robertson
  • Mark Goerner
  • Neville Page
  • Syd Mead
  • Iain McCaig
  • Christian Lorenz Scheurer
  • Nick Pugh
  • Dylan Cole
  • Bob Kato
  • Puddnhead

The Gnomon Digital library should be online within a couple of weeks!




Can I put sold out titles on rain check or back order? I am wanting to get the Maya Digital Environments set by Eric Hanson. Probably some others as well,(at least the whole digital sets library) but I want to just buy several on one order if at all possible and have myself a happy birthday next month. :smiley:
I’ve seen them on ebay for ridiculously cheap claimed unopened… But I believe if it looks too good to be true, it’s probably too good to be true.


Hell Yeah!


I would love john brown’s scuplture set but the price of postage to Australia

is more than the dvd

Pity there weren’t resellers in Oz

I hope you are right when I went to the Gnomon site postage of just one dvd was going to cost me $49
If it’s true and I’ve just emailed sales to confirm…I just might buy all 5 as a tax time present:)


Mine have all shipped from Australia. Are you kidding about this? :scratch:
CGS is based in Oz aren’t they?
Digital sets series owns btw.
Getting some more next month.


I assume these Maya tutorials are generalist enough for the principles and techniques to apply to 3ds Max?


ANy news when Spoogedemon mullisn DVD is out?


I notice some of the newer titles haven’t made it into the CGProShop yet. Which is fine – not everything needs to have a discount in life. But, it would make my life easier if they were in the catalog regardless.

(No CGS logo = no discount. I get that. Can I use the same shopping cart?)


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