Glow Clusters


The evolution of Gen Z

Society is like a stream in my eyes.
Full off basic and utterly lies.
That stream is continuous
And never ties.

We have the leaders and the followers.
We have the weeds and flowers.
We have the cautious and outrageous.
We have the buildings and towers.

Then there’s the nobody.
Who wants to be a somebody,
But can’t be that person
Because society controls that body.

Then we have the somebody’s.
Who impress everybody.
But can never be themselves.
Because that body has economy.

It’s unfortunate with the culture we are in,
trying to keep the terms whether being fat or thin.
Although both are beautiful,
There will never be a win.

No matter how hard we change the culture.
Accepting the beauties and vultures.
There’s always a standard,
That will never be glow clusters.


Jocie Denae