Gloss3D for Linux


Hello Guyz,

I have just spent the last 2 years working on a 3D modeling / animation / rendering package, written in C and called Gloss3D. It is inspired by Cinema 4D that I used in the past, but it was not available on Linux and not free, so …

Here is a small feature list. The software lacks features of course as it is still in the early stages of its history :

Modeling :

  • extrude
  • cut
  • untriangulate / triangulate
  • catmull-clark subdivision, incremental and adaptive (adaptive mode is experimental)
  • Free-From Deformer cage
  • Symmetry modifier

Texturing :

  • Color, specular and displacement channel. JPG file only. No procedural textures yet. Displacement works in subdivided mode. No bump / alpha channels yet.


  • Skeletal animation
  • Weight painting
  • Key loops


  • Multithreaded Raytracer : ugly an still has a lot of artefacts and missing features as you will notice in the below screenshots.

Supported File format :

  • own G3D file format import / export
  • .3DS import (partial support)
  • .OBJ import / export (partial support)
  • .DAE (Collada) import (experimental)
  • I even wrote a .C4D file format importer (geometry data only), but I don’t know about the legal issues, so it is not provided with the source code. It is based on Cinema4D Melange SDK, does anyone know if it would be ok to includeit in an open source software ?

Dependencies :

  • You’ll need OpenMotif 2.x. Don’t hit me, I like Motif and it has little dependencies, that’s why I chose it (plus, I wanted to learn it). I’m not against a future GTK frontend though but I will still work on the Motif one.
  • You’ll need libjpeg and libpng
  • You’ll need libexpat for Collada support
  • that’s pretty it.

Anyways, here are the screenshots :

Animation :


Weight painting :

You can get it there :

I made a small tutorial some times ago. It might be a little outdated but it gives some hints :




Congrats for this!! I know its in its infancy, but is quite an effort for a single guy. Wish you the best of luck on this.


Hi everyone,

Here is the new version of Gloss3D. there is now a simple texture painting tool, UV editing tool, the GUI now runs with GTK3, the program works on Windows and Linux.

You can build it from source :

./configure --prefix=/usr/local --with-gtk3
make install

There are some packages for your favorite Linux distro, your favorite being .rmp or .deb based :slight_smile:

Of course, Gloss3D is free.