Girly Satyr (nudity)


This is a first post. I’m new to the medium and looking for crits. This is a photoshop painting.


Hehe this is a redneck’s dream… :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a bit confusing but nicely drawn and painted.


Unique idea to say the least, technically okay, but the bikini or bra tanline really looks out of place here. I also don’t like the way the fur starts halfway down the butt, ‘traditional’ satyrs have it starting at the waist… maybe less sexy, but if you made the fur more like cat’s fur it might still work (for the ‘furry’ crowd at least).


I don’t mind the tan lines on her back, though it’s odd to think of a satyr wearing a top at any time. No question the fur should go up to her waist. Now it looks like her tail is stuck on with a suction cup. Her pose and the extra skin looks more porn than sexy. Fur pants could fix all that.

(idea) Hey! What if a female satyr (symbol of drunken and sexual excess) had the bottom of a RABBIT? Ideas of Playboy bunnies, cute as a bunny, soft fur. . . Much sexier than a woman covered in mohair. And cloven hooves? Meh, not so much.


Nice pic. I like the tanline…kinda makes it seem like she wears a top in town or whatnot…but out in the woods its Satyrs-Gone-Wild .:smiley:

My only crit would be that I think her left ear is too visible. At that angle it seems like it would be facing back more.


“I also don’t like the way the fur starts halfway down the butt”

Hehehe…maybe she is shaving :smiley:

Anyway, shaving or not, is a nice one, the tan lines denote some self conscience and acces to civilisation, or maybe she just change shape when she run into the forest .
I allways wonder what got into those women I see running in the forest preserve :slight_smile:


Thank you for all your crits and comments. I appreciate the thoughts. I’m not sure why I started the goat legs down so low. I think I just wanted to draw a big luscious butt (I can say that without being sexist because I am a girl.) I’m interested in mixing desirable elements with sort of off-putting or vaguely unerving elements in my images. I like the push-pull of sexy weirdness. I thought I’d post some of my TRADITIONAL paintings (oil on canvas) of TRADITIONAL Satyrs and a kitty girl for the individual who suggested I paint a bunny girl for the hellofit.


intresting style, i like it. the tan line would be out of place if one was to exist. very cute face, and nice body style, i would like to see a compistion of her relaxed against a tree playing a pan, or bamboo flute.:thumbsup:


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