Giorgio Luciano


Hello to all ! I’m Giorgio, I work as a researcher and also as a CGMA teacher for the workshop of Biomedical Illustration. I’m intersted in scientific visualization, and lighting and rendering. Great to see such a lot of talented artist here. If anyone is intersted in sci-art I will be glad to exchange ideas. Also I’m interested to know what topic you are interested in for creating tutorials.


Hello Giorgo. : )


Hey man, super to have you here man. the course you are teaching looks very cool, I would love to go through something like that at some point. I have worked freelance for a medical company, but it was never actually medicinal rendering I did. :open_mouth:
looking forward to see your work


Will add some new works and tutorials soon. Working on updating all the software workflow. Will be glad to see you on the workshop !


Hi Giorgio!