GF Sketchbook #DrawCember #Wacom


Thank you for your comments and support @Poseidoon, @justcallmeinsane and @Lammakian I can’t wait to see what you are drawing!


Day 19! Ok, it was longer than normal… and I really think I can do better if I added more time…
#cgsociety #madewithwacom #drewcember


Day20!!! T-2 and counting…
#cgsociety #madewithwacom #drewcember


Hey man, this is quite the development! Very nice last pieces!


Agree with grafik! Its like you said “…I really think I can do better if I added more time…” Not sure if you used more time but they sure look alot better :slight_smile:


holy smokes you’ve changed haha. Great job on the last two days - you’re really pushing for more and it shows. :slight_smile: You’re doing great!


Day 19 : Wow, those are some really nice colors !! :eek: Warm and sexy (which is weird, considering…) !
I’m luvin’ it !


@grafik @Poseidoon @justcallmeinsane @Lammakian I feel honored :blush: Tahnk you so much for your continuous support during DrewCember :slight_smile:


Day 21!! 1 more day! I wanted to make something simple and funny… closely related to the upcoming days… I decided to keep the palette simple, 3 colors. I still think I can clean it up more… But just in case I do not have more time later today… I at least achieved Day 21! The only thing that I really like is that I’m more confident with my lines… What I need to work on is in shading/light/colors (nothing else eh?)
#drawcember #madewithwacom #cgsociety


The text says everything.


Day 22! I made it… wow! Thanks to all the support :slight_smile:
#cgsociety #madewithwacom #drewcember


woohoo you did it! :smiley: Nice chimney! I like the little butterfly and its fairy-esque-ness haha. Makes it more magical :slight_smile:


Hey man! Congratz on completing!
Merry Christmas!


Congrats man and been a pleasure to be in this challenge with you :slight_smile: You had great improvements and i hope to see more of it in 2018!
Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!


Official thanks for all the support I received during this time :slight_smile: including my family and my extended family (aka all of you that posted :slight_smile: like Grafik, POseidoon, justcallmeinsane, Lammakian, stfvit, ladymedusa, macksztaba) it meant a lot, especially for someone that does not draw at all on a daily basis :slight_smile: Merry Xmas and a happy new year!


You made it! You’ve drawn for 22 days and you’ve made great progress!
Happy Holidays :).


Dear Gonzalo it was a pleasure to see your drawings in this contest.
Merry Christmas!:bounce:


You made it! Congratulations! Nice chimney!
Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! :slight_smile:


Thank you Beatrix! Merry Xmas for you too!


Thank you Stefano and Valentina for your continuous support :slight_smile: it was awesome to have you here