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This is the thread requested.


Ok, Day 1. Getting back into something I dropped a long time ago… hopefully, I will get better at painting with the Wacom and brushes :slight_smile: any brush suggestion (or any suggestion) is more than welcome! Good luck everyone!
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It’s a good start! Keeping it loose and simple is a good idea when getting used to new brushes and a tablet. Only suggestion is to just keep practicing :slight_smile:


Thank you so much @justcallmeinsane


I agree with justcallmeinsane, keep it loose and relaxed. To me the brush i prefer (any brush) when sketching is with low opacity, then i make a stronger line above it, just like when doing in paper :slight_smile:


Great tip @Poseidoon! I will apply it for the next one! Thanks :slight_smile:


Day 2. Let’s try the opposite of day 1… No lines this time… only color.


Ok, Day 3… something simple… I think I’m tempted to go back to my comfort zone… icons/design lol… No! I should push for everything else LOL.


This one seems better! You’re more confortable with solid colors?..


Nice improvement, the last one is the best so far!


I agree that the last one looks best. The line work and colours are more confident, but it’s nice that you want to push yourself. Any form of improvement starts where your comfort zone ends. One suggestion I could give is that you make a small step at a time. Play with pressure sensitivity and layers. I personally use have two favourite brushes I use in my work that I love and adore. Hard round with pressure on size and a hard round with pressure on opacity. They may work out for you or you might find other brushes you prefer :).


@POSEIdOON I’m more comfortable with a basic palette, illustrator instead of photoshop and working on UX design/Game Level & Story Design. LOL… completely out of my comfort zone here :wink:
@grafik Thanks! I had some additional time to work on it…
@LadyMedusa Thanks for the tip, I will try to play with the brushes. Anything in this forum is out of my comfort zone :wink:


Day 4! I’m happier with this one :slight_smile:

#madewithwacom #cgsociety #drawcember


When you said “design and icons” i already thought of illustrator.
But you’re doing well here and i admire you for going “outside your box” :slight_smile:


Day 5!
@Poseidoon Thanks so much for encouraging me. :slight_smile:

#madewithwacom #cgsociety #drawcember


Very nice :). You’re improving


This one is more the style i like with line :slight_smile:
Curiouss about something, where do you got from the name Figueroa?
(this a private question so feel free to ignore it, don’t want to cross the line) Only asking because it seems a portuguese name!


I’m enjoying the progression in your work. The last few images are definitely more refined and have a nice style to them :slight_smile:


@Justcallmeinsane Thank you! I feel more comfortable… but I recognize that I’m still in a galaxy far… far… away
@Poseidoon Me too, but I’m thinking about changing to try different things. I was getting too comfortable with it. LOL… I was born in Venezuela, but my parents are Chilean. (Eu nao fala portugueis)
@Ladymedusa Thank you so much!


Ahaha! I agree with you, if its to push yourself, then feeling confortable isn’t a good thing :slight_smile:
Then your name comes from a spanish background, Portugal also got independency from Spain in medieval times, so comes from the same background Pero hablas español?