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I’ve done a little research and although I’m not a local, (far from it,) I have some info for the arrival from Narita airport to Yokohama. I’m more than happy to be corrected but here is what I have so far.

After arrival at Narita airport Tokyo, there are many options but by far the most cost effective and reliable is by Japan Railways (JR):

The fastest option to get to Yokohama is the JR Narita Express (NEX), requiring roughly 90 minutes for the one way journey. All seats are reserved. The one way fare between Narita Airport and Yokohama Station is around 4200 yen. (US$47, A$52, 32euro) There is about one connection per hour.
Also, from Tokyo station, JR’s Keihin Tōhoku and Tōkaidō lines stop at Yokohama station (¥450, 40 minutes); some continue on to Sakuragichō, Kannai and Ishikawa-chō (all ¥540). The Tōkaidō shinkansen stops at Shin-Yokohama station, northwest of town, connected to the city centre by the Yokohama line.


If you don’t mind switching trains and for a nearly 2hours travel from Narita airport to Yokohama, here’s a cheaper way (1540Yen (17.25USD, 11.6Euro))

[b]Narita airport[/b] ---Keisei line (express)---> [b]Nippori[/b] ---Yamanote Line ----> [b]Shinbashi[/b] --- Toukaido Line ---> [b]Yokohama[/b]

JR network:

Subway network:

Hope this helps :)



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I offer advise to all, double check every line and name and where it goes. There are new lines especially around the Yokohama area and the lower parts of Tokyo that do not show up on the maps you will be given in Narita. It is easy to get lost there; once you get so far from the airport the English starts to disappear!

I’ve nearly missed a flight before from missing a stop, so just be on top of your game if you go the multi-switch cheaper route.

See you guys in Yokohama.


Thanks for the info Paul, Sammy and Jeremy! I have been worried about this part of the trip for quite some time now and this clears that all up.

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I’ve found a English version of Traffic guide. Hope it will help the one’s coming to Siggraph.
Type From “Narita-Airport” To “Minatomira” or “Yokohama” and give it a Search. You can also change the date and time so for one’s who knows there arrival time, change the time of your arrival and search.


That’s brilliant Taka, Thank you!


Is JR or train/subway 24/7?


Most trains stop service at a little after midnight. This is from my experience but the Japanese sub-committee might have more input on this.

One thing to add to Jeremy’s advice: there are different types of train service and it pays to read the light panel on the side before hopping on.

普通 or 各停 Local
These are the trains which stop at every station. Pronounce: futsuu

快速 Rapid
These are trains that skip some stations. There is no difference in the ticket price between local and rapid trains. Pronounce: kaisoku

急行 Express
These trains stop at even fewer stations than rapid trains (kaisoku). In the case of JR (Japan Railways), an express fee has to be paid in addition to the base fare. Pronounce: kyuukou

特急 or 特快 Limited Express

The Limited express trains stop only at major stations.

新幹線 Super Express
Also known as ‘bullet trains’, they are only operated by JR and connects major cities. Pronounce: shinkansen

So logically, rapid and limited express trains get to your destination faster, just make sure they do stop at your stations. Usually there is a narrow list of stations pinned to the pillar at the platform, and there’s indication whether a specific service does stop at a station.

I am sure there are more types of train service and I may have gotten some wrong. Please feel free to correct.


Hi, All.

I think this kind of thing comes really handy when you are in Japan.

It’s much better than google map if you are in Japan.

As long as you know the name of the station (Start and destination) they gives several routes to choose from.

Just type the name of the station in.

I am looking forward to see everyone there!!

And, I just realized somebody else posted same thing earlier, lol!
I need to read these posts more carefully.


  Everyday between (4:30~5am) to (0:30~1:00am) and it depends on the train you're taking.
  if you miss the last train, you have to wait 4 or 5 hours for the first one to start, or you can call a cab ([]( but it can be very expensive though (destination + night time fare)

The regular fees(daytime 5am~22pm) is 710 yen for the first 2km + 90 yen for every 288 meters or 105 seconds.

     FYI you're not allowed to stay and wait inside the station during this time ie 1am to 5am.
 And oh, in a busy area like shibuya, shinjuku ...etc, the last train sometimes looks like this, and you don't wanna be inside it :)


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So, which train is the most recommended around 5pm during the weekend from narita? Since I’m arriving on saturday, It won’t be busy like this, will it?? I’m guessing maybe some of the trains aren’t in service during the weekend??? And I believe you can find tickets at airport, right???

oh, by the way, I appreciate your reply!! Thanks.


You’re welcome.

From Narita airport you won’t have any trouble getting a seat on a train at that time.
A personnal preference, after a long flight i prefer using the ‘‘Keisei Skyliner’’ (Cheaper than the N’ex and faster than the express, around 2000Yen from narita to Nippori/Ueno station)

Here’s another timetable and search site : , might be useful.


I will arrive in T3 NRT at local time 13:55, anybody fancy go together to Yokohama? :bowdown:


Hey guys,

I have lived in Japan for quite some time… The sky liner is nice but Ueno is out of the way.

Please don’t worry about money for this part of the trip. The NEX is the most convenient and direct method of transportation between Narita and Yokohama. After 5, 10, or 15 (or more) hours in a plane the “extra” 2000 yen will be well worth it. If you have any questions about Japan, travel in Japan or anything at all please contact me.

This is my first time at SIGGRAPH so I have a lot to learn, but I do know Japan…

See you guys (and girls) soon, TRAVEL SAFE!!

Nick G.


I am arriving at noon (12:25) at NRT on Sunday. Anyone else around that time? Would be more fun to get together lost instead of alone ;).


On the page is everything you need to know to get from the airport to Yokohama:

  • map
  • the kind of trains (including pictures of them)
  • the prices and the travel time

Just select “to/from Yokohama”.

And it also says something about a NEX & Suica package for foreign tourists. It’s available for 3500 yen and includes a trip with NEX from NRT to Yokohama and a Suica Card (to pay for public transportation within and around Tokyo) worth 2000 yen -> means you just pay 1500 yen for NEX (for those who want to save money :wink: )