Getting started with sculpting


Southern’s Sculpey work has really piqued my interest in clay sculpture for concept work. Trouble is, I have never done any type of sculpting (aside from Play-Doh as a child;)), and there don’t seem to be any relevant coarses at local community colleges. So, I was wondering:

  • What type/brand of clay should I start with?
  • Can you recommend any good books for beginners?
  • Do you know of any Canadian online retailers that sell clay?
  • Any other advice you can think of would be appreciated.



Poke around this site for related stuff.


this guy has alot of cool info to get ya started.


Super Sculpey!



Loads of tips and tutorials to be found here:

… and yes - SuperSculpey


It was about time we started a sculpting dedicated thread.

Please share all your links and tips&tricks here.



Sheep Factory, I think you killed it.



Glen southerns super sculpey tutorial:



Thanks for the resources everyone! I’m excited about getting started sculpting.


Great idea to work on sculpting!


hey, is sculpey a good way of doing sketches for the 3D modeling process on a 3D package? and could sculpting gimme betters skills on computer 3D modeling?


i like to use a #4 roma plastina to sculpt with.,., you can get blocks of the stuff at most art supply store.,., it breaksdown temporarily with heat.,., so don’t try to bake it or anything.,.,
and a standard set of wood sculpting knives and loops are a good place to start.,.,


:applause: i found another tutorial


and another

and another one

I’m on fire :twisted:


Sculpey is great stuff! I have heard that it can be left to air dry. Have any of you done this, and how long would it take? I always bake it in the oven.

I also usually make a aluminum foil interior and put the clay over it. works very well for me. Not sure if anyone knew that or not.


can i buy this Super Sculpey in italy?
and what is better: sculpey or cernit?


I have only used Super Sculpey and Fimo. I find that both have their benefits. But I will only recommend Sculpey to someone who is just beginning. It is the easiest to work with, and bakes very well, with little or no smell.
It can be very useful to bake small parts seperately first, and then put them into you Maquette.

Also, I have found, you can wrap delicate parts (like wings and hair) with a small shield of aluminium foil before baking and this will help prevent them from burning or discoloration when in the oven.

Sculpey will take a far amount of time to air dry. Ive got sculpey that is still soft after two years.


I don’t know if this has been posted b4, but it is well worth posting a second time.


“Orc” walkthrough tutorial. kind of cool. i recomend downloading the zip file.


ALOT of good info