Getting a scriptNode that writes a scriptJob to work when referenced


This doesn’t seem to work. Has anyone had success with referenced scriptJobs? Within the source, all is well, when referenced it is dead. I tried making it self aware by adding in the namespace info, but it seems to not work anyway. I think I did it right, but it doesn’t compile right once referenced I guess. Here’s a test file i am trying to get to work when referenced. (109.1 KB)

Anyone have this issue and can share insight?

#Note: multi-line variable uses triple single quotes....
characterChangeCode = '''
import maya.cmds as cmds<a class="attachment" 
def characterChanged() :
	SelectedCharacter =,long=True)
	ControlParameter = "CharacterConfig"
	obj_attr = (SelectedCharacter[0]+"."+ControlParameter)
	print obj_attr
	#get namespace to make sure it still works when referenced
	namespace = SelectedCharacter[0].rpartition(':')[0]
	#print ("The Namespace is "+namespace)
	if cmds.getAttr(obj_attr)==0:
		print "it's the yellow one"
		cmds.setAttr((namespace+":CharacterMat.color"), 1, 1, 0, type='double3')
		cmds.setAttr((namespace+":Hat.visibility"), 0)
		cmds.setAttr((namespace+":Nose.visibility"), 0)
	elif cmds.getAttr(obj_attr)==1:
		cmds.setAttr((namespace+":CharacterMat.color"), 1, 0, 0, type='double3')
		cmds.setAttr((namespace+":Hat.visibility"), 0)
		cmds.setAttr((namespace+":Nose.visibility"), 1)
		print "it's the red one"
	elif cmds.getAttr(obj_attr)==2:
		cmds.setAttr((namespace+":CharacterMat.color"), 0, 0, 1, type='double3')
		cmds.setAttr((namespace+":Hat.visibility"), 1)
		cmds.setAttr((namespace+":Nose.visibility"), 0)
		print "it's the blue one"
	elif cmds.getAttr(obj_attr)==3:
		cmds.setAttr((namespace+":CharacterMat.color"), 0, 1, 0, type='double3')
		cmds.setAttr((namespace+":Hat.visibility"), 1)
		cmds.setAttr((namespace+":Nose.visibility"), 1)
		print "it's the green one"
#get rid of it if it already exists and then remake it to prevent duplicates during editing
if cmds.objExists('scriptNodeCharacterChanged'):cmds.delete('scriptNodeCharacterChanged')
cmds.scriptNode( st=2, bs=characterChangeCode.replace("'''","''" ), n='scriptNodeCharacterChanged', stp='python')