Getting a crazy noise after using Keylight node to remove a green screen on nuke!


Hey, guys!
I’m trying to remove a actor from a green screen, but I’m getting so much noise after using my Keylight node, I’ve tryed to degrain it, but I’m losing a lot of details on my footage.
I was wondering if you guys would have a solution for it.



Grain management is crucial for keying. If you’re not properly degraining as you go about your key, you’ll always be fighting noise (especially with a noisy plate). Make sure you understand how to use the denoise node and have your background in there so you can see the final result as you tweak your settings.
You can bring back all the grain at the end (copy your denoise tool and output “noise” and merge it over the final to get back all your details. If you have neat video (a bit of a pricey plugin, but worth every penny), you’ll also get much better results.