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wow. way cool & exciting.

my icq: 92661001


my icq is : 21045804
my aim is : storkosaur
my yahoo is : uforobotgrendizerus
my msn is :
my email is :

I’m a character animator and would like to chat with other XSIers :scream: :bounce:


I’m in.




Me too. I’ve just made the switch from Form Z. XSI is the best.


Try irc://

I’m amazed no one wrote it in here yet. There are usually people in there (including myself) who know some stuff about xsi.


Here’s mine for also dutch speaking users:


ICQ: 12138520


YahooID: ulucaydin

AIM screenname: aydinuluc



hey guys…

i always have something to talk about xsi… either a question or a new discovery/theory

msn -

ICQ - 158050417

look for me:)




my e-mail is…


MSN Messenger - alaklij AT hotmail DOT com

Website e-mail: mattstoehr AT gmail DOT com
Web Blog:

I’m using XSI for personal work and at work. I have both a BFA and MFA in Sculpture, so if your interested in contemporary art as well, that’s cool with me.

Other program use:
Pixologic - Zbrush
Macromedia - Flash
Bauhaus Software - Mirage
Adobe - After Effects

No longer using, but recall everything.
Newtek - LW 7.5


ICQ 153559000
AIM pixologie


ICQ: 35447558


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kewl this :slight_smile:



I guess I’ll just shamelessly plug myself into the thread here.

ICQ: 9657769

Ciao, ¡muh!


Sup! Xsi is a wild beast, together we can tame it! add me in:! I’m a modeller, texture artist, lighter.:bounce:


Count me in, Im an XSI instructor and have been in the Animation industry 10+ years.

My only downside is im busy all the time with freelance work and teaching, but i’ll always help when i can.

Peace !!


ICQ : 16824454
AIM : NwEvil
MSN: Spad4(that funny twirly thing)



I was a 3ds max generalist with more knowledge in modeling, making a switch to XSI. Would love to have some people to learn this thing together.

yahoo: mawasho (that’s an O not I)