Get all modifier properties?


Hello! I’m new to scripting, so would appreciate some help!

I’m trying to create a script that lists all the modifiers from a selection of objects and also the modifier’s properties.

This is what I have at the moment:

For i in 1 to $selection.count do
		print $selection[i].name
		show $selection[i].modifiers

Which returns the following:

No Info Found on: #modifiers(FFD 2x2x2:FFD 2x2x2, BendMod:Bend)
No Info Found on: #modifiers(TurboSmooth:TurboSmooth)

However, if I do the following

show $.bend

I do get the list of properties, however this isn’t ideal as it means I’d have to write out each modifiers name - Any ideas?


Serejah progressed this further

" .modifiers is a collection so you have to iterate over it to use with show function"

   for m in obj.modifiers do show m


  .dispLattice (Lattice) : boolean
  .dispSource (Source_Volume) : boolean
  .deformType : integer
  .inPoints (Inside_Points) : boolean
  .outPoints (Outside_Points) : boolean
  .offset : float
  .Lattice_Transform : transform
  .BendAngle (Angle) : float
  .BendDir (Direction) : float
  .BendAxis (Axis) : integer
  .FromTo (Limit) : boolean
  .BendFrom (LowerLimit) : float
  .BendTo (UpperLimit) : float
  .Center : point3
  .Gizmo : transform
  .iterations : integer
  .useRenderIterations (Use_Render_Iterations) : boolean
  .renderIterations (Render_Iterations) : integer
  .isolineDisplay (Isoline_Display) : boolean
  .explicitNormals (Explicit_Normals) : boolean
  .smoothResult (Smooth_Output) : boolean
  .sepByMats (Separate_By_Materials) : boolean
  .sepBySmGroups (Separate_By_Smoothing_Group) : boolean
  .update (Update_Options) : index