general thoughts and thanks!


well first off i think this is a great undertaking by the folks at CGtalk/CGsociety…
so i just want to say thanks to everybody that has been putting alot of effort into
the CGportfolio project.

ive just been hanging back and watching what people are doing/saying…well trying to anyway and here are some thoughts/comments/obs.

the other day I used the gallery options to submit a work to CGtalk…it was rejected…lol…(its a matte painting and i didnt put in any of the photo references that i used…fair enough) but it made me think,…even though the image was rejected it is stil allowed in my gallery…and of course poeple can put it any image into their own gallery…

this is all cool now that we are just in beta…with what something like 125 trusted people…
i was just wondering when the system goes more public what the policing will be like?
will people be allowed to have ANYTHING in their gallery?
thats a pretty big allowance…and having all been using the internet and forums for a long time we all know that someone ALwAYS tries to rock the boat…push the rules…amd the like…anyway enough of that…it just came into my head…

another thing that i have noticed is that on the front page i am always seeeing just the same images every time…i think getting rid of one of the “popular portfolios” or “popular artworks” sections (only one) and replacing it with a random gallery would be alot nicer for all…and give EVERYONE a little more exposure…

ohh…i just had two more ideas…
i think that a recent blog or recent comments section could be nice…i think it would sit well under the “news” section…again more exposure for random people…

i guess what im saying for the front page is: more ramdom would be nice…as much as i like linda and stevens work they do tend to steal the glory of the pages (i have the main page open at the moment an lindas work is in every section)…but then again…thats what sells to the public as well…

anyway…again thanks to all and dont take anything to heart that myself or anybody says…this is a great effort and im sure is gonna be huge!!

Simon bull


About people posting bad stuff;

At the moment, we have to manually remove bad stuff, however I’m going to patch together a toolset so that our moderation team can also get rid of stuff that doesn’t fit within our policy.

Likewise the featured images section will roll over more once the mods have the ability to put stuff in there; it should work something like the plugs on CGTalk.

Featured artists will roll over at a regular interval, and will also offer a little bit of information about the artists. Again, once there are some moderation tools, this will start moving :slight_smile:

Once we launch and have more numbers to work with, we’re going to try and build some better formulas to select popular artists and images. Possibly working on rate of change of daily views or something similar.

I’m glad you’re enjoying the portfolio, it’s great to see it coming so close to release, and I’d like to thank all the beta testers for your help, it’s been invaluable.


i’d have to add too Cyberone’s comments of praise.
and no…this isn’t just a empty, fluffy piece of praise. I really do like what you guys did. after reading several threads, I realise there is no topic i can bring up that hasn’t been said. soo with that, I just wanted to say “Job well done!” and looking forward to moving forward on this and hopefully meet some more like minded people. I liek the sense of community it brings :bounce:


Just adding my general praise as well - the whole portfolio thing is a real killer feature that I imagine will generate a lot of buzz and new members lining up, crawling over eachother in a wild sort of feeding frenzy, cracking ribs and fingers on those unfortunate to trip and fall just in front of the door… er… and so forth.

It’s sweet stuff!

The thing about testing is that one usually just end up feeling like a whiner, only posting complaints… the nature of the game of course - so, this is a good opportunity to say “Yeah! Excellent job by all ye poor coders involved!”


Just wanted to throw my 2 cents in… good job. This has great potential. Thanks for all the hard work.


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