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Hello to all,
so I’m gathering a few ideas for the next challenge !. From now on the pace of the challenge will be more “scheduled” with a challenge every 3 months, a better final gallery and hopefully other news :wink:
So the themes that comes up to my mind are

  • A “benchmark” challenge So a difficult realistic small model to render in order to compare renderers, for this we need ideas to create the “ultimate” benchmark so a mixed scene that will involve everything difficult to render (if there is still something :wink:
    -A realtime/still The idea is to have a scene and to render it with realtime engines vs “classic” non realtime renderers (an environment or also a small benchmark scene)
    -A mood challenge… so something like a sci/fi corridor that need to be rendered with different mood (think of same corridor lighted as in Star Wars/Alien)
    -A composite challenge.

— Your ideas…

Also… since I want to revamp some scene… and to create a redux challenge (like the one for the bottles) what’s your favorite challenge since now ?



I would be up for either the scifie corridor or the real-time still. Both are great ideas.


IMHO, reviewing the purpose of this forum/sub-forum should probably be the first step before the next challenge.

If the goal is to simply improve one’s lighting and composition (aka cinematic) skills, then it may be helpful to obtain scenes that are “ready-to-render” - i.e. add lighting only.

If the goal is to develop one’s skills as a Lighting TD, then the current challenges meet this requirement. Most of the assets in all of the existing challenges (1 - 44) require a significant amount of cleanup and texturing before they can be adequately lit.

BTW, this discussion should probably move to:




10 years ago things were very different and now the quality has improved a lot, even if small challenges still seems to still work best . I’m thinking about still life without involving too much textures were it’s easier to include procedurals shaders and also when you don’t need to work too much on textures uv unwrap and other stuff.
Generally we had donations for the models so it was an obj that people started working on and share with others
I’m in the effort of cleaning the old scenes to create a better repository and also cleaning and creating galleries for the last challenges we need voluntaries and modellers. can someone help ? Send me a PM :slight_smile:

Also the next challenge will be HUGE with pro models,textures like it was never seen. I promise. In the meantime let’s do spring cleaning :slight_smile:


For what it’s worth, I really like the challenges which are rougher - requiring shading and texturing and maybe even some additional modeling … they allow everyone to go their own direction at a more rudimentary level … and personally they help me learn a lot more.

I am wanting to go back and work through the challenges until I’ve done them all, these are great :slight_smile:

I know it’s hard to pull off in multiple formats, but an animated shot for lighting would be a lot of fun …


Any timeline on when the next challenge will start? Thanks!



This week I should receive the new model. So stay tuned :wink:


This is crazy…
I was browsing forums, and saw this:

I’ve read it like “lightning challenge… elizabeth… batorry… pool” :slight_smile:

So, here’s the idea:

Elizabeth Batory pool of virgin blood (by myth).

It’s gross, but it can be cool lightning challenge.


Quite full of blood but something similar is on the way :wink:


Hello EveryBody

Sorry for Posting here tried to create a new thread for Realtime Lighting Challange but after creating the thread is not showing up–

UPDATE-- Started a NEW THREAD PLease join their and Take more Challenges

Its from 3d render .com Lighting Challenge,I did it in Unity Realtime Game Engine
with PBS[Physical Based Shader],PBR[Physical Based Render
I made a exe which is available to Download from Dropbox to play for your self
if you dont want to download the the realtime exe the Watch from Youtube Link
Also Posting Some Images Also For Quick Preview
But i want to Encourage everybody to Download the realtime exe and see for yourself.
And Take More Lighting Challanges models sceneAlready Available at

The Bedroom Scene is made by David Tousek
And the Lighting/PBR-Setup/Unity Integration/Programming–to Final Output By me
Hope EveryBody Enjoy
And will Love to expand the thread with more Realtime Lighting
Come on guys…
Waiting for you talk to me take challanges
if you want i will make Tutorial video of this Scene for Realtime Rendering

For Realtime Exe Download LInk to dropbox link-
UPDATED with Final Mood/Lighting

If you Dont want to Download exe then Watch it here in Youtube

Please watch this Youtube Link-With Flycam and Different Mood Tint–

For Rendered Images see below link–

in the links find other Render images also


how about life in mars?