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Thanks Jeremy for sharing the news ! It will be great to see the entries for the challenge !


Ah ok, thanks Jeremy.

Too bad there is no Renderman for 3DS Max… :frowning:

Maybe the scene could be used for a challenge on here aswell? (any renderer allowed) :slight_smile:


So I’m posting this here for two reasons …

  1. So I can find it again :slight_smile:

  2. In case it can help others trying to do the same thing

For those wanting to embed a YouTube video link in a My Portfolio art project; here’s how it’s done as of this post.{VIDEOCODEHERE}&

The {VIDEOCODEHERE} is usually the code you see when selecting “Share” on a YouTube video - typically after the backslash in the string.

Select the “EMBED” tab in the desired My Portfolio art project and paste the constructed link. The video should appear as a thumbnail if all goes as expected and expand as a video once exit out of Edit Project.



first.thanks for all the challenge all are great .it would be great to have realistic model and textures which we can render and blend with real bg and so far we dont have any space scene (something Starwar-ish) yet ,thanks


Hello to all,
just an update to say thast we are gathering the new models for the new challenge. Also if any of you would like to contribute, just drop me a PM (models, suggestion and ideas very welcome :slight_smile:


there’s the thread !


I needed to use a multiple filehoster service since the assets are quite heavy. I will also add a few “fixed” links Also mirrors are very welcome !!

you can use the provided scene or just use the assets to create your own scene !


New RenderMan “Rolling Teapot” Art Challenge is live!

Check it out


Hey Jeremy,

Been a while! That scene is amazing looking forward to some artist work with it!


Here I’ve merged all the general discussion about LC


1) When people post in the old threads there is less interested and feedback.

Not certain about that; would be interested in the thoughts of others. Seems to me that a single threads isn’t going to encourage more feedback.

2) Gathering all the past challenges in one thread can help in increasing the feedback also from other users that are actually work on a different challenge.
So in this way there are only 4 thread unlocked and for people should be easier to take part to the forum.

Posts added to a thread move it to the top (recent) of the forum; otherwise, I’m not sure the difference in this point to the first point … can you provide more clarification.

My thoughts on the Lighting Challenge forum:

  1. Should clearly identify each challenge in it’s own thread - i.e. standardized thread titles. That looks to be in-place
  2. A master thread listing all the challenges should exist which also discusses guidelines. That looks to be in-place.
  3. Each lighting challenge thread should be available for members to read through, post their progress, final, and questions. The context can be specific to the challenge as another forum exists on CGTalk to discuss lighting and shaders … although in-thread questions specific to this should be fine. That looks to be in-place
  4. Sticky-threads should likely be: Master Thread Listing, Discussion Thread, and maybe the current active lighting challenge.

At the moment, it seems members only post feedback in the current active lighting challenge; not many post in the “feedback” or old lighting challenge threads.

Hopefully this post will stimulate further discussion on the future of the CGTalk Lighting Challenges forum.



Looks like the thread pertaining to portfolios has been deleted so I’ll post this information here for others looking to embed a video in their CG Society Portfolio. You have to use the following weblink format in order to embed a video:{VIDEOCODEHERE}&

{VIDEOCODEHERE} is the code found after the last backslash when you click Share YouTube video.




Just a brief note to say that some of the scenes shared in this section of CGTalk are used elsewhere by render engine makers and on rendering papers without crediting authors, which is not in the spirit of this community or the people who shared their scenes.


Thanks for the message, can you send me a pm where you’ve found the scene used ?


Links checked. LC#47 links now are on. Pls if you find any broken link let me know


All links are not working at all.


Thanks for letting me know. Checking right now


I would like to create a “repository” of ideas for lighting challenges. Please focus both on the technical and artistic aspect. Just to start the thread

  1. Realtime renders vs “traditional”
    I’m sure this one will become obsolete (hopefully). Do you think non-real time renderers are superior in some specialties ? Do you think RT renders can complete in all the fields with them or there is some niche that is still hard to colonize?
  2. Hard challenges. No matter how fast pc will become is there some problem too complex to work out or where only few render engine can succeed ? (mostrous level of displacement, non-visible light rendering, thousands of mirrors and glasses in the same scene etc. ?)
  3. Photorealistic scene still difficult to render . How can we create a Turing test for rendering ? An image with such a complex behaviour of light that would be impossible to reproduce without a believable approximation ?
    Post your ideas and answer here


I believe nowadays the difficulty of rendering a Photorealistic scene is much easier than how it would have been 5 or 10 years back.
realtime renders soon will catch up with offline renders.
so I think we need to focus more on what makes a Photorealistic image believable. rather than how lights are bouncing around and how the light approximation is done.
for example, most of the modern render engine is capable of rendering whatever you throw at them .lights are bouncing, scattering through the surface etc!
but still, we can end up with the bad looking shot I don’t think any rendering advancement can fix that.

There is a secret sauce in making a believable image but I don’t think that’s the render engine capability they (Pixar, ILM, etc) have compared to the others.

The photorealistic scenes are not difficult to render(render time, how light behave and stuff) but what difficult is to achieve the believability in those images.

so yeah basically I think we have to learn how to produce a believable image and let the AI do the rendering and denoise :slight_smile:


Hello, we have not seen a new challenge for a while. Looking forward for some comments.


We are organizing new challenges. Hopefully we will back soon. I need also to clean the forum a bit :wink: