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Hello !
Finally I’ve finished modelling some simple model for the new challenge.
Cinema 4d, abc format are ready.
I need some beta tester for Blender, OBJ, Old maya versions, 3dsmax, Modo, Lightwave, realtime engines, whatever :slight_smile:
Can anyone help ?
Just send me a PM.


I can test the .obj and .abc in Houdini 15.5, Guerilla Render 1.4 and Lightwave 11.6.3 if needed. I have Maya 2016 Ext 2 as well if that is needed too!


Edit - I should be probably read the post better. Sent you a PM!


If you want contact me for Maya 2013, Unity, Unreal Engine.


Ciao Paolo e grazie del tuo aiuto. Tra poco dovrei avere i file obj e quindi ti mandero’ il link per fare un test in unity e unreal.
Grazie in anticipo


I would like to test!


Challenge 44 is out !


Hi jojo1975,

i can test in Realtime engines,in unity,unreal ,:slight_smile:


Ok thanks, started modelling for nxt challenge and I will then update you with the new models. And now let’s go with the challenge 44 :wink:



I will be joining this challenge, my first time. :cool:


Are we allowed to work on these challenges and possibly post them on our own portfolio’s as demonstration of our technique’s and breakdown’s?

I’ve been intrigued by some of these challenges and have been enjoying some of them, but now I’m nearing graduation in about 10 months and it’s having me wonder, thanks to Media Business Practices, if it’s legally okay to be posting them as part of the portfolio’s selling point.

Thank you for your time and clarification, I wanted to be sure before I posted any of them onto mine.

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Shouldn’t be an issue as long as you provide the appropriate acknowledgements as part of your portfolio. It’s also a good idea to indicate exactly what you did with the challenge.


Hgagne already answere correctly :wink: So if you cite your source there is no problem in using the assets in your demo.


Hello to all, in two weeks a new challenge is going to start if you are a modeller or you would like to contribute send me a PM.


Dear All,
While preparing the new scene for this year I think it’s a good idea to gather all the feedback possible from our forums. So what’s your favorite LC so far and why ? What would you like to see in the next challenges ?
Do you prefer small technical one ? (small and simple objs with few texture to create and lot of reflection, caustics and other stuff to calculate) Would you like to see a “benchmark” scene challenge to see how different engine perform (already tried with the getty challenge but with too many scene to test probably), or you will prefer something like the three mood challenges where you have one scene and you light with different “mood” ? Did you liked the underwater challenge and you would like a new one ? What is the edge on the line of lighting and rendering in your opinion ? Let’s talk about it :wink:


Challenges that offer an opportunity to light the scene according to a story are probably my favorites as those are areas that I’d like to further develop skill in.

The biggest issue I find with many of the scenes provided in the forum are that they require significant amount of cleanup to achieve predictable render results without significant amount of post-work. That said, I have used this issue to further develop my modeling, texturing, and compositing skills. All I’m saying is that it would be great to be able to jump right to lighting without struggling to “make things work”.

My 2C’s worth.



Some people here might be interested in this – Giorgio, I hope you don’t mind my mentioning it here. Pixar is starting a shading and lighting contest, and has made a nice 3D scene available to download and render:

Anyone can download this scene in a variety of file formats (in the second link it looks like Maya, FBX, OBJ, and Blender versions so far.) This is a nice 3D scene originally made by one of the PUPS. (PUPS = Pixar Undergraduate Program, which is basically one level of internship at Pixar.)

In part because I’ve been involved with these CGTalk Lighting Challenges over the years, they asked me to be one of the judges for the contest, so if you enter anything there I’ll see it.



Is it required to use Renderman?


Yes, sorry. Of course you don’t need to use Renderman to download the scene, anyone could do that now, but if you want to enter Pixar’s contest and win the prizes you’d need to use a Pixar Renderman renderer – although the free trial version would be enough for that. Quoting from the FAQ on the forum:

Can I use other RenderMan compliant renderers?
No. Only official Pixar RenderMan plugins. This includes the RenderMan plugins for Maya, Blender, Houdini and Katana.

Can I use a previous version of RenderMan?
Yes, you can use RMS 20. As an interior scene, we encourage you to use the latest pathtracing tech (RIS) in RenderMan 21.

Will I need to submit my scene for review?
Yes. A full project is needed to be eligible to win. Pixar will provide a BOX folder for finalists to submit their project.

Official Rules: