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Here it is


I’d love to light some king of cave with reflective minerals, perhaps hole to let in natural light as well as torches. Some puddles throughout would be nice as well.


The cave is a cool a idea… keep 'em coming :slight_smile:


I’m testing the new scene. This will be HUGE thanks to Clint… and it will be more focused on lighting and less on texturing for your joy :slight_smile:
challenge will be uploaded this weekend ! :slight_smile:


There’s the new challenge
Piper’s Alley


Kewel7, thanks for allowing your work to be used. And a nice clean script at that :slight_smile:
It looks great.

p.s. love the cave idea :smiley:


This days I’m cleaning all the forum, checking the morel repository and rebuilding the galleries.
So if you would like one of your image to be evaluated please send me a message + image and also I need volunteers for checking the vairous version of the models.


Hi Giorgio,

Most of the models for the previous challenges require a significant amount of cleanup that could span weeks (if not months).

IMHO, the only reason to do/take on that amount of work is if you leave the corresponding Lighting Challenge threads unlocked so that members can post directly to those threads. The benefits of this approach are:

[ul]the Lighting Challenge sub-forum remains clean[/ul]
[ul]members could post their work directly to the thread for the challenge they are working on instead of the “General” thread[/ul]
[ul]members can see which challenges are the most popular and focus their efforts on cleaning models specific to the popular challenges[/ul]
[ul]would encourage members to “revisit” some of the old challenges to post new renders demonstrating improvements in their skills and render approaches[/ul]

M2C’s worth. :slight_smile:



Hello I think this is a great Idea, I will reopen the challenge thread and so, we can refresh the model there.
I’ve updated the new galleries (challenge from 30 to 42),and again if you are interested in being in the final galleries pls post your images in the corresponding thread and send me a pm!
I will keep upgrading the galleries
Please when you check the models just let me know so I will be able to add a checked status on the corresponding thread.
Keep in mind that some of the challenges are very “Old” and 10 years in CG world are centuries not years ! But it will be indeed fun to see what we can achieve now. Artistic vision is still the most important part in Art, but does technology advance so much we have no more limits anymore ?
Next challenge will be a pro scene sponsored by a huge name in CG, so we are starting a new era :slight_smile:
In the meantime, you have the chance to fix whatever you prefer, post the images you could not post and enjoy the nostalgia :slight_smile:
I’m really looking for volunteers (modellers, or just users that can check the status of the link in this thread + if the scene opens). Let’s make this thread HUGE :slight_smile:
At the end of May we will deliver the Anniversary Challenge ! and we will have afresh new start :slight_smile:
Keep posting :slight_smile:

By the way.
I will focus on fixing the architectural models+automotive. unfortuatly I got only the pontiac model + I will model this month a brand new italian car since I’ve lost for good (HD crash) the fixed model of the Lambo (I’ve still got an unfinished model if someone would like to contribute). Also I will check if the “older challeges” need a restyle, just let me know which one you prefer


Jeremy Challenge

Dear All,
as you’ve already seen we are changing a lot of things here always trying to improve our website. I was cleaning the forums and I’ve noticed how time run fast. 10 years ago Jeremy started these wonderful challenge where we all learned a bit more from the masters while enjoying the journey. In May thanks to a very generous sponsor we will start a new “Era” for the challenges where models will be provided with a more consistent time frame and with basics UV texture.
While we wait for the new challenge I ask for your help in cleaning the old stuff and creating a better repository for the old time.
I will clean some of my scenes but of course I can’t do it alone :wink:
Also I decided (thank to hgagne for the suggestion) to re-open the old forum, in order to let you re-try or just try old challenges and to take part to the most fun/famous/best Lighting challenge of the past 10 years.
So this is our forum, it’s time to see how you take part in it. Just have fun rendering the challenges and share your effort !


If I can suggest …

At the moment, there are links in most of the Lighting Challenges 1st post as well as in the “How To Get Started” ( thread … probably worth removing/moving the links from the “How To Get Started”. Maybe the first post of every Lighting Challenge could be updated to contain working download links for the assets (model, textures, reference images, etc.). This would make it simpler to manage going forward instead of having to managing the same download links in two places.

With all of the new CG software tools available now, it would be worth determining if a specific file format could be used (ex: .abc, .obj, .fbx, etc.) Choosing a standardized (or as close as possible) format would reduce the number of formats to manage. I suppose it would have to be a format that can be imported into: Maya, 3ds Max, Modo, Houdini, Cinema4D, LightWave, Softimage, Unity(?), Unreal(?), iClone(?), etc.


agreed on the file format. Unity can import OBJ, FBX and even .max file although I have found it sometimes misses things up when importing a .max file.

Would be nice if we could have real time lighting challenge using a game engine. Both unity and Unreal are available for free so that shouldn’t be a problem for most people.


Also what do you think about Alembic ?


Alembic are great. We exchange that a lot at MPC between departments: FX to LGT, LGT to Layout LGT to COMP. Perfect file.


Ok, so I will try to get alembic also for the old challenge.
Also the need of modellers is always valid :wink:


I look forward to the new challenges


The model for the new challenge are almost ready. In the meantime I’m preparing small tricky scene to light that will require some tricks to render in the old spirit of the mini-challenge. We will get back to basics.
So the big scene will be ready for the end of the month, And the renewed small mini challenges will start at the end of the year :wink:
If there is someone that can models environment or props please send me a private message we will need them for the next huge challenge :wink:


I have a question, if i were to start with any of the old challenges, i was thinking of posting WIP in the specific challenge thread which you have re-opened. Or do i post it in the “on going challenges” thread?


Originally; the challenge threads would be closed at the end of the challenge period. This meant that folks wanting to post their work on previous challenge had to post them in the “On Going Challenges” thread.

Now that the old challenge threads have been re-opened, it makes more sense to post in the respective challenge thread.



Yes you can post directly in the forum of your interest !