General Discussion Thread


It’s a good idea making a single thread for the past challenges. And maybe get rid of all the stickies?

About the archiviz, correct me if I am wrong, but wouldn’t that limit our creativity? I mean, archviz comes with a strong conotation of being “realistic” and clean, hence the word visualization. What does everyone think?


I think that is a good idea, is something different from the previous projects and perhaps can help some users work and learn to achieve realistic results or good light.

Just an idea.

How about, those who want to, create a Making Of and show the techniques the references, everything they use for create that amazing render. My idea is have a place here in the Lighting Challenge sub-forum where we can find, analize and discuss the techniques, composition, color theory and post-production used in each project.


about the lounge for past LC’s…love it thnks :smiley:

as for the archviz…instead of creating a whole new section to it i feel it will be better to have it as a theme for 1 (or multiple) of the upcoming LCs… that ways it won’t get boring n repetitive and every1 will learn from and discuss it too…2 birds with 1 stone


I’d like to see scenes with emotions and motions. Something with stories. Dramatic, dynamic, you get the idea. To be honest, a lot of static scenes in past challenges really bored me. Or this current V-Ray product rendering challenge.

Say, a short animated scene where a character is doing something. Could be a freeze frame in the middle of an action.


I agree this would be great, but you have to keep in mind that these are donated scenes. People are putting in their free time to make them. It’s hard enough to find people willing to donate simple scenes and models.


The idea was for a new section called “portfolio”. I mean I think that also a good architecture image can be good for a portfolio and was to make something similar to a resident “test scene” thread. Also i will put a resident old LC thread and get rid of the too much sticky :slight_smile:
New challenge is on the way and it will also be in two flavour… One very poly intensive and one less poly :slight_smile:
Also I hope it will bring out your fantasy and emotions :wink:


I have made a victorian based scene fully textured . It has a slight tim burton touch to it. If interested I would gladly donate my scene.

this is my website and the images are in the portfolio section : com

The scene I would like to donate is Shot 3 with the smoking. Everything has already been textured.


Kewel, that would be awesome! Not only a completed scene, also beautiful executed. (Beautiful shots)


Challenge #31 is out


Hello so the new challenge is coming in 10 days (15 of April)
Stay tuned


Could we update the info in the original threads to reflect the new dates?

Do we need to do all 4 challenges? I’m a bit confused about the “Rule them all” contest. Is that the cars, the robot, the interior and the intermezzo? Or is that a different challenge? I didn’t do intermezzo thinking is was already done as of May 31st.

Thanks for any light you can shed on it and sorry for all the questions.


sorry for the late reply and yes for the rule them all you need to complete all the 4 challenges !!!


This is my new project I did at Media Design School. It is completely Environment based with shaders and textures already set up. I have used Vray as the render engine. The paths for the source images might have to be reconnected. The scene is clean and is native to Maya 2015.

Here is the Vimeo Link :

I am just cleaning up the scene now. Cheers!!!


This is going to be quite impressive. :bowdown: Many thanks and great work.


Very nice work! Kudos!


Hello Clint, pls send me a private message to settle everything up :wink:


Really great entries so far. As you probably have already seen I’ve done a bit of work to the challenge. I’ve cleaned threads, merged the thread were you can download files, Tries to fix links, changed host (now all the files are hosted by cgsociety so no more broken links hopefully), reorganised final showcase (of the last 10 challenge). Also this week testing new scene files for a scene that will be also used for another mini challenge here in cgtalk. So you have time to post your final images, I think I will upload the new challenge this week
I will also give detailed feedback soon.
BTW if you have an image that you would like to submit for final showcase, please send me a private message.
Thanks in advance for your patience :wink:


I have just downloaded the fbx, obj and max files for the enchanted forests and none of them will open with winrar or 7zip. Can someone Please re up upload the scene in fbx or obj


I will fix it thanks for letting me know :wink:


Thanks Mate!