General Discussion Thread


Had a funny feeling this would die a death sooner rather than later. It’s a great shame that people just dfon’t seem to be inclined to share more these days but I suppose it’s to be expected with all the stealing credit that goes on.

Ahh well, nevermind.


I think the best thing to do now will be to see how many people is interested in helping and then we can make a calendar for the challenge. we need at least three people per month to prepare a challenge. I think also that it can be useful to offer references for the textures or a small library (like we do for hardcore modelling challenges, instead of giving the full textured scene)
we can make a list of people soo

jojo1975:modeller, can give feedback on the thread
(add your name :wink:


I don’t mind helping, but I didn’t make first lighting challenges, which I think are key for good lighting practice. Many people didn’t try them. I’d like more flashbacks. I still think about preparing those scenes some more, though some people say it will have less educational sense then.


I would like to help if its possible… I think we should do simple scenes with a locked camera… without the possibility to add or remove any element in the scene…so this way everybody will spend more time lighting than preparing the entire scene…and we will have the same scene lit in different ways…


yeap, for me simple scene, with two or three fixed cameras, with also texture are the best ! Also the “seasonal challenge were a lot of fun !” I’m in for any help


Textured scenes would be great too… at least diffuse textures… but optional… this way people can go from cartoon scenes to realistic styles…


I doubt fixed camera would work. Because you limit a lot by this for the artist.


Hi there, I’ve been doing these challenges on and off for the last 5-6 years so I really want them to go on because I’ve learned a lot while working on them and it would be a real shame to stop now. So let’s keep it alive, I am willing to contribute in any way possible. Leading the thread should be someone with proper background, a veteran :slight_smile: . Unfortunately I am not a veteran, haven’t been to enough wars with myself yet. So yes, I’m in!


i just heard about these for the first time today when watching a Gnomon video . . . WOW this is an amazing series.

I hope The Collective is able to keep these moving [I am certainly not qualified to lead here, but will most definitely follow…]

Best of luck to the whole crew in keeping this from stalling!!!


new challenge coming soon :wink:


Believe it when I see it!


Now you have to believe !! :slight_smile:


Nice to read good news after all.
I have a scene that maybe you could do something with it :slight_smile: . Write me if you want to consider it.

Meanwhile, looking forward for the new challenge.


So there is a new keeper of the flame! Congratulations, jojo! I’m so glad the challenge did not end here :slight_smile:


Congratulations jojo!

I’m looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us!



Welcome JoJo! Thanks for all the time you have spent helping us Dan! I know I really appreciated it, even when I wasn’t participating in the challenges from time to time. I was learning from them.


thanks to all. I hope I can give back a bit of what I’ve learned here. For everyone that would help in modelling pls send me a pm.


A new challenge is out !



okay this isn’t an idea for future challenges but a question…i attempted some of the past challenges for practice and would appreciate it a lot if someone would give me a feedback…where do i post those images??? since the original threads are closed…


I,m going to open a unique thread for all the past challenge. A kind of Lounge where we can talk about lighting in general and the past LC.
Also I was thinking that an architectural Lighting challenge can be in some way. What do the forum think about it ?