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TheOutsider: That’s a good idea, I’ll see what I can do.

papagyi: I’ll send you an email so we can discuss. What’s your email address?


My contact is


Ok dude,
My email is .Thk :slight_smile:


@kanooshka- when will the results of challenge #27 be announced? or will there be any results at all?


Unfortunately I don’t think there will be a gallery. There were too few final entries to warrant a selection. I hope in future challenges there will be more entries.



Have what it takes to light a scene based on a captain’s journal ? Check out Lighting Challenge #28: Captains Log!


Lighting Challenge #29 is live! The scene’s a tribute to Pixar, Gusteau’s kitchen from Ratatouille. Do you have what it takes to match the film?


The gallery for Lighting Challenge 29: Gusteau’s Kitchen is up!


A new lighting challenge is in the works, in the meantime let’s flashback to lighting challenge #5!


Hi Fellow Lighters,

I’ve been running these challenges for the past few years and as you may have noticed my presence in the lighting challenges has been dwindling. These challenges take a lot of work to organize and between my new job and balancing my personal life, I find myself unable to put in the time and attention the community deserves. Unfortunately because of this, I feel it would be for the better if I step down from running the challenges. I hope someone is willing to step forward and offer to run the challenges themselves, but it won’t be my decision on who would be chosen. I wish I could continue volunteering for everyone here but you deserve someone who can be more involved.



If I can in any way help, please count on me. I’ve started to partecipate to this challenge years ago and I’ve learned a lot throught the, They were also a refresh from partecipating to modelling challenge :))) which I love too. I think it’s time to try to give back to community what community gave me. I hope we can merge three or four people to make a small “board” for this challenge.


I like the idea of having a board for the challenge. That could work with both organizing and judging. Maybe, each challenge could be the responsibility of one of the leaders, rotating through each one with each challenge.

I’d still be coming by to give feedback of course, so i hope the challenges can continue.


Unfortunate news, since I was planning on starting working on the contests. But thanks for all your hard work over the years and good luck with life!

I would hate to see this board die out, step up lighters! Let’s breathe life into the board!


You’ve done such an awesome job I’ve learned so much from these challenges. I would love to help or lead. Please let me know.


Kanooshka, thank you for what you did, and let’s see if those tasks can be broken-down for several people. You still could lead those challenges, but other people could help you, including myself. I’m not sure though what I could do, but those who have ideas please post. I think we need around 3 people to prepare a scene, that could model it and prepare for lighting. I’m in, and if anyone will be making a scene, please PM me, so if I have time, I will assist.
I also think old challenges are good, and we could revive them, also fine-tuning scenes for easier lighting (not sure though).
I was thinking, what if we could texture those first scenes? Though it would be unfair if put to portfolio… well I don’t know. Maybe it’s better if people texture them by themselves, developing a better eye.


Thanks mister3d. I’m definitely willing to still give feedback when I get a chance, it’s all the organizing and preparing that I’m finding difficult to continue. I’ve always wanted to have a challenge that includes textures as well. Maybe going back and texturing some of the previous challenges and mixing in some new ones as well. If someone new is able to organize that, I will be impressed.



I think that it could be good to give references for textures (as it’s also made in the HC modelling challenge) or “offer” a range for textures. It will be interesting also to see a lighting challenge for RT with engines like UDK or crytek (I remember that in some of the challenge we’ve seen some rendering done for game engines). As always I will be glad to give my help for modelling. I’ve also some scene almost ready, if anyone is interested to give them a try and finish them send me a pm


Hey Dan, I just wanted thank you for all the work you put into these challenges. :bowdown: :beer:

Hopefully you’ll get something worked out. :thumbsup:


Hey Dan -

Congratulations on all of the hard work you’ve done in the past few years! You’ve accomplished a lot, and I salute everything that you did here.

It won’t be my decision either who becomes the next leader here, as you’ve all probably noticed I started this forum but was only active personally up to about 2010. I’m sorry I don’t personally have more time, but between my production schedules at work and my lovely but demanding 2-year-old at home, I am not about to put in the kind of effort that I did in the first few years of the Lighting Challenges myself.



What about creating a thread, where people could share their scenes from lighting challenges, more prepared than initial? It would be at a free will, but in the end everybody would benefit. I will see what scenes I have, and how I could prepare them for others. And I guess people could modify them as they wish, it just would speed-up the work and preparation (unwrapping and texturing at least), which takes so long.