General Discussion Thread


cool! I vote for it! I just think there are too many characters considering the time frame of this challanges, maybe only one or no characters at all would be preferable.


@zrainish : That’s a nice model to light. I vote for that too.



i agree, you can count my vote also


Ok then
I’m not sure how it usually works but it seems like alot of time
without a challange, or a reply from one of the forum leaders…
what should be then next step here ?


Sorry I haven’t been around, life’s been a little hectic the past few months. I’ll gladly use the scene provided if you would like to. I’ll take a look at the model and possibly get the challenge started this weekend.



sent you a pm with a link to the model


awesome news


Thanks to Yotam Rien we have a new challenge to light!


For a future challenge I’d like to second the idea of an underwater scene!
(provided someone can donate such scene)
I also love the ‘4 scripts’ idea.
Should we ever dare to light a human head, I can donate one …


My idea: Make this challenge a Real Challenge. I think this challenge haven’t any incentives if we compare it to the past challenges,in which there was Jeremy Birn as sort of Judge.
The best images were showed in his homepage,and I think it was a sort of incentive:“my image on the homepage on one of the great lighters in the world?”, is not true?
What about now? In think lighting challenge have become simple WIP Threads.
By the way, this is only my opinion…


Hi Mirco,
For me the incentive of the challenge is to learn, get feedback and have fun…
That being said, I’m sure there are people who share your opinion…



The underwater scene was Challenge #5 and four scripts was Challenge #2. You can download the models from here if you want them:



Any idea on when a new challenge might be starting? As for suggestions, maybe something epicly large, scale is always a good lighting challenge. Examples, the giant ring around the planet in Halo, inside a moon sized spaceship, looking up out of the grand canyon etc. etc.



I like idea. I think we could also all benefit from lighting a 3D scene/objects within a live action footage.


Hi All…

Me to have got some ideas for next challenge… see if you guys like it and someone could provide the 3d models for it… it could be a great challenge…

1- Tunnels



Like the subway idea :slight_smile:

But as you pointed out it all depends on somewone making a model available. Crossing my fingers for a good new challenge, I think I might have time to join this one :bounce:


Hey Guys,

Hoping to start one next weekend if all goes according to plan. It’s going to be a good one!


A subway environment sounds like a great idea for a challenge. Let me know if someone would like to model it.


We should get an arrangement with some modelers on the forum doing really amazing models in modelling challengues (Gusteau’s Kitchen!! Amazing) . As a ligher It’s really hard to me to find better challenge than that.

I guess it´s not that easy. Shame :slight_smile: . Anyway, I hope someone find time to model something nice.

Thanks for your plenty effort.


Hi all ,
Can i provide model for subway(black&white) photo sample ?
How much times can you give me ? Then may i know about the detail elements for modeling? I will use 3ds max 2009 for modeling.
Here is my portfolio…