General Discussion Thread


How about a bar or a club? I think that would be an intresting thing to light as most of those places have specific designed lighting to add to a cerain mood.

Although modeling a decent one, might be quite some work…


A bar would be incredible. Lots of different shaped glasses, bottles, mugs, etc. Interesting lighting, maybe some neon signs.


I love having a character in the scenes, so I’m really happy we’re talking about having more of those. I’ve got a few ideas for challenges.

-Underwater or icy scene (maybe tropic reef or a frozen city)
-funhouse (mirrors and gags etc)
-deep forest or jungle village
-desert / ancient Egypt

Just a few ideas. Whatever gets chosen in the end, if you need someone to do a few models for it I’d be happy to help.


I loved the cabin. Maybe we should switch to a challenge which is heavy on the environment. Rarely have we seen a challenge where we have seen that its completely dedicated towards environment. I might suggest a topic

  • Alien planet where one of our space ship have just landed. It won’t take much of time to model as it will only require to create a spaceship and a flat plane. We will create our own environment with the plane as none of use will just ‘texture’ the given model, they will create something new. It could be something new.
    something like this


Happy to see a good discussion going on in this thread.

Concerning the freedom of changing the scene. The reasons I think we should keep the challenges open to changes of both the scene and camera angles is to spark some more creativity, keep the images from getting to repetitive and to keep the challenges to the casual manner that encourages each member to give feedback to each others work. Maybe in the future we could try to limit the models and angles and see how things go, it’s worth trying out.

For the next challenge I’ll most likely make a selection of scripts similar to what was done with Lighting Challenge #4.

As far as the proposed bar or other scene ideas. I’m very open to what people would like to light. If someone would like to model this scene or another or has a scene they’d like to donate. Please email or direct message me and we may be able to use it for one of the challenges.



Lighting a Scene with the help of Scripts must be Challenging…looking forward for it…


hi guyz i wat to participate in challenge and want to increase my skills further.If any challenges are ging on than plzz let me Know



we could ask to HCM forum to donate some winners model :slight_smile: that could be very funny :slight_smile:


Yes, but correct me if im wrong (i dont follow the HCM forum allot) but i dont think they model allot of full scenes? just single objects and characters?


ha, i’am not posting often here, but the idea of Jojo is very good, a realy detailled caracter could be a nice challenge, and creating a little environnement for it would not be a big deal i think.

+1 for jojo’s idea :wink:


Want to really challenge your brain and shader-use knowledge? Here’s a challenge…

Photorealistic. No maps.

What do you think of that one?


  • Jimbo


it would be gr8 to do relaistic lightings


Any eta’s for the next challenge? It’s been a bit since the last one.


I have to say that I think these challenges have been dying in the last few months. Perhaps an environment to light and render that doesn’t look like it was thrown together in five minutes.

An environment with an extensive level of detail that would allow the renderer options of either rendering a wider view or more localised view of the chosen subject.


I totally agree with Numptus. The submissions for this past challenge were rather boring to look at simply because there were only one or two really good camera angles. A scene more full of objects and possibly greater in scale would really help bring some diversity in. I’d be interested in lighting some sort of high fantasy scene or perhaps an alien landscape. Something that we don’t get to see everyday. I like the sort of normal-looking day-to-day scenes that are posted but something more along the lines of the sci-fi scene would be fun to work on.

From what I can discern, there have been 4 challenges a year on a pretty regular schedule. The matinee came out in February; where is our new challenge? If we can’t get our own scene, something like jojo’s idea seems acceptable.


Agreed, I’m totally ready for a new challenge. I finally have the time to give this one a go, so I’m just waiting to see what we get. There’s certainly been some challenges I’ve been interested in more than others, but I’m not too picky, it’s free. Rocks, plants, maybe a good building exteriror/interior? Just wanted to say that I’m looking forward to it.


I think it’s important to keep in mind that all these challenges have been models donated by various individuals who have given their free time to help out. It’s difficult for me to criticize any of these challenges for that exact reason. If anyone is willing to take a try at modeling a scene they’d like to use, by all means, go for it.

Right now I’m in a production crunch but I’ll be out of it soon. I don’t have a date yet for the next challenge, but they will probably be happening less frequently and be for longer periods of time.


I would like to offer a scene for a challange.
please let me know if you are interested
I’ve attached a print screen


Personnaly, i like it, if it happen to be the next lithing challenge, i’ll give it a try :wink:

(maybe juste change the "T"pose of the caratacter to the left)


thnks zrainish…i also liked the model scene for the challenge…will be fun to light it…