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Well I agree with dj prasoon … we shld go for an architectural rendering…


Cartoony theme sounds like colorfull lights!:lightbulb:)
I like it


Dan and Jeremy,
I really enjoyed the Carnival Challenge, most of the work you received was brilliant!
How about another public recreational setting, stadium, park, street market, playground? something like that!




Many thanks to dan and Jeremy for hosting the challenge, as always they did a great job ! really looking forward to next one !


First I want to congratulate Mr. Konieczka for organizing a wonderful challenge and with such an exciting theme ! And me too eagerly waiting for the next challenge ! Is it going to be that Evil Scientist ??


please hurry, i can’t wait anymore :wink:


Challenge #23 Mad Science has now begun! Post your work in progress in this thread:

Finally post your Final Images in this thread before the deadline of July 30th, 2010:



didn’t know there was a lighting challenge :slight_smile:

…i don’t really spend much time on these forums tho. when does the next challenge start?


Welcome Honestdom! You just missed our previous challenge, Mad Science. You can still download the last challenge and post it in the WIP thread, but it won’t be considered for the gallery. The next challenge will be starting in a week or two.


hey thanks man,
if its only a week or two i can wait until then. :slight_smile:


The gallery for Challenge #23 (Mad Science) is on-line now:




Just what I need before my school begin: Something to do my teeth on.


Challenge #24 is online and ready for lighting!


sorry for not reading all the comments on this thread :wise:…someone may have already shared this idea…but i would like to see a DISCO ROOM or PUB something like that as it has lots of lights and colors and sets different mood… for future lighting challenges :thumbsup: …Thank you All for Creating all Challenges


Hey Guys !

I just wanted to say this is a awesome chance to do some lighting :slight_smile: I been doing some of the challenges my self in the time where i wasnt busy.

Anyway I wrote a Article about some top 5 tips I use when I am setting up a light, maybe it will be usefull for some of you guys:


@Deje3D- Interesting article. Thanks for sharing!:cool:


@Deje3D thanks a lot for sharing this article


Congratulations on another terrific challenge. A gallery is on-line showing some of the amazing work that was contributed:



I think a pub like jadrock said would be awesome, a lot of work with bottles and the overall mood of the pub.Maybe throw in a character or two …


Hey everyone! I just found out that there’s lighting challenges! Great work everyone! I just tried downloading the cabin for maya and I just keep getting an error. Anyone else have that problem or know how to get around it?