General Discussion Thread


hello kanooshka, I was wondering if the wip thread for a particular challenge will be open even after the deadline is past? So that even if the challenge is over, one can have his or her work critiqued at a dedicated place.



That’s a very interesting idea and I think I might try that out. Obviously once a challenge is over the entries won’t be entered into judging for the gallery. The one issue I’m afraid of is people getting confused and posting in old threads expecting entry into the gallery or posting in old challenges thinking it’s the current challenge. I say that we’ll try it out when this challenge is over and see how it goes.


Thank you for considering the idea, kanooshka. Yes, it certainly can lead to some confusion but let’s see how it goes after the current one’s over.


The topics like movie drive , scientist lab etc seem interesting…but I was just wondering …all the challenges so far, be it small or huge , most of them have been realistic scenes in terms of render.
So , can we go for lil semi-realistic scene this time… for instance, a dream land…or…an enchanted land… something with toons … fantasy or something like Ice age???

but anyway am a big time fan of all the challenges and the outputs here. so whatever the theme may be i 'll be always eager to participate. :thumbsup:


I love these challenges, but sometimes the scale of them means I can’t find the time to complete them, so I’d personally like to see a small / medium scene that is less time intensive in terms of texturing, modelling, etc, but still capable of offering us a wide scope for lighting creativity.

Still life sounds interesting, or how about a small courtyard?

What about an art galery? Depending on the subject of the art could really influence the way people approach the lighting?

Another subject could be car renderings. It would be interesting to see individual processes, and also to see how far people can push the limits of what is traditionally a car / product render.



this thread a few minutes ago… thought it looked intresting and could be a good condidate for the next challenge.
Seems like the good old sponza got a little update :smiley:

Off course we need to ask permession first to the guyswho created the scene:

I took a break from my current work and tried out the new Sponza model found at Crytek’s web site here:

This current model is the “Atrium Sponza Palace, Dubrovnik” created by Frank Meinl, who improved the original Sponza model that was created by Marko Dabrovic in early 2002.

Heres the scene available for download.


hi all,

As a suggestion for the next Lighting challenge i suggest a bar/club interior scene. With lot of reflective materials and glass. This way we get to showcase night scene with lot of contrasty lighting.
Just a suggestion.
few examples:



my two cents:

Pirates - a ship with sails. deck of a ship …
Fantasy can be something of LOR.
Winter landscape. birds, animals …
Back to the past … the stone Age … dinosaurs … the birth of life on land …
Underwater world of corals … fish red sea …


Lots of great ideas. I’ll keep these in mind but keep them coming the more the better! The next challenge has been in the works and I’ll try to get it out as soon as possible after the current challenge is finished.


Congratulation to Mr. Konieczka for organizing such a wonderful challenge. Your theme was brilliant as it made my mind go crazy, limited only by my ability. First of many to come I guess. Thank you.


such a gr8 challenge.i m waiting for da next challenge.


Can’t wait!


I’m curious on what people liked and disliked about the last challenge, the carnival, what would you like to change? keep the same? did having the WIP and Final Images thread work well? Please drop me a PM with your thoughts and ideas.


I don´t have anything to say about dislikes … Just to say I´m grateful for your effort. I like how you handle it. The only thing I dislike is my lack of time to participate.

Keep going Kanooshka.


Just noticed this challenge. Would love to get in the next one, when is it planned to get started?


I thought the ‘Final Image thread/keeping the WIP thread open’ worked really well! I thought the carnival was a good scene too. There was a lot to texture/shade, but the amount of time you gave us to work on it helped ease the strain. The plus to having such a big scene as this is the variety of compositions one can have as a result. These more elaborate scenes help us flex our director muscles. Thank you, Dan.


Will the final gallery be shown at or some place else. Just curious as I would really hope that the final gallery be setup there. Anyways, getting a little bit nervous and impatient right now:scream:.


Here it is:

Congratulations to all involved!



I’d love to do “Mad Science”–I don’t think we’ve had a chance to do liquids and caustics much. It would be quite the challenge.


We can have an architectural style rendering theme. Or a cartoony theme. I really want to make a clean and crisp render. No mater how much I try my render doesn’t have that architectural cleanness to it. I think we should try out different style of rendering as our theme.