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Congratulations Kanooshka.:slight_smile:


Congratulations, kanooshka! :thumbsup: Really looking forward to this new phase in lighting challenges.


Congratulations Kanooshka and looking forward to the next challenge.


kanooshka, our man! :bowdown: I really rooted for you. I really learned a lot from your suggestion. Looking forward to participate in your challenge.


Mr. Jeremy Birn is Mine Idol & I haven’t participated in either of his Challenge. I thought to Participate this time But sir stopped to lead this forum. But really they have given this place to someone who is really have awesome work & suitable for this place. So m really happy to participate in the challenege gng to be lead by Kanooshka THis time.
Heartly Congratulation to Kanooshka sir.


glad to join you all with new Challenges


GRATS Kanooshka!

I have learned alot from some of your posts as I slowly move from post to Lighting / Texturing.

I can’t wait to see what the next challenge is!


1st. Big Congratulations to Jeremy, his wife and their new family to be. We want to see pictures in a few months Jeremy :wink:

2nd. Congrats to Dan Kanooshka. We look forward to your lead and inspiration.


I’d like to start getting the next challenge ready ASAP. If anyone is interested in modeling please send me a PM. If you also could include a link to some modeling work you’ve done in the past, that would be a huge help.

I am not a modeler yet :cry: but, the name Stonemason,(Stefan Morrel) comes to mind and as one of the Best that I am familier with. Don’t want to put him or anyone else on the spot, but the man knows his business! :slight_smile:


check you email kanooshka :slight_smile: Jojo


Congratulations kanooshka! I think its a good choice for the new forum leader cause you gave the most and of course the most expert feedback at least in the last challenge wich was the first one for me. And i think im definitly in for the next one. How was it in the past with the challenge themes and scenes? Did Jeremy suggest one and people start to model or was it decided on the scenes which were available?



So, any news of the upcoming challenge. :hmm:


The next challenge will most likely be starting the beginning of next month. There’s a lot of logistics to figure out such as hosting, file conversion etc… as well as the scene itself needs to be completed.


Ahh! I can hardly wait :bounce:


Congrats Kanooshka, it seemed like you were a shoe-in for the position with all the feedback you were giving in the last challenge. I look forward to working with you.
Congrats to Jeremy and his new family and good luck :slight_smile:

In regards to the challenges, I liked the way the bedroom scene worked where we were given the task of creating many different moods and wouldn’t mind working on some more like this somewhere down the line. I like the idea of an outdoor scene again, I’ve been trying to go back and work on the past challenges (lighthouse, Noir scene) but get sidetracked with other projects and responsibilities. Even a mix of the outdoor and architecture would be fun. I imagine it would be a hefty task to model an elaborate building like a cathedral but that would be a joy to light.

just my two cents


im surely gonna miss you Jeremy since i started playing with maya three years ago i couldn ask for a better place to learn… the constructive criticism and comments i get were invaluable… i just got my first my baby girl seven month ago and i hope u got bless too with a girl offcourse :] drop by the challenges now and then give as some comments and why not participate in if u have any free time …

congratulations Kanooshka ur gonna see a lot of me i hope on the oncoming challenges and i hope you continue given that professional feedback is gonna be caotic sometimes but we all should help giving each others C&C

i just update my signature with all my entries in the galleries and the wip ones also, i hope u enjoy my work… and thank you all


:slight_smile: actualy what a lot of people underestimate is a believable outdoor scene. Although you have one main light source (sun) it’s not as easy as it seams…
I would even go that far and say it’s harder than an indoor.



I won’t say congrats because I know it takes time and effort to host and create content for something like this without compensation but I hope you can see your way to devoting the time it takes to do a great job and possibly contribute yourself and show us how its done at times.


I would enjoy an outdoor scene challenge as well.


Especially scenes that require multiple shots outside because you usually have to get the said light source (sun) to look good in every angle/shot. That is a really big challenge!

I remember a carnival scene being mentioned before, I think that would be fun to do with the chance to play around with different light sources and colours.


Congratulations to Kanooshka!

This is a big job, almost like coordinating an open-source software project, so I wanted to post publicly a few comments about where the models have come from.

Some challenges I just modeled myself when I was forum leader, but hopefully that won’t have to be a regular part of the job.

Some scenes were pre-existing models donated by someone who e-mailed or PM’d me, and I took them, often using them with some modifications. The bedroom scene from the last challenge was created for a short film by someone who took my CG Workshop last time, and he decided to support the challenges by offering a set from his film. (If anyone has some great 3D models or scenes sitting on their hard drive, I hope they post here or contact kanooshka!)

For some challenges, I contacted someone who was already giving away free 3D models, like the dinosaur skeletons in the Natural History challenge, and asked for permission to use them in a challenge.

But many times, the models were built-to-order for a challenge by volunteers. Of course the availability of any volunteer modeler changes depending on his work schedule, but I hope anyone who has modeled in the past for these challenges coordinates with kanooshka about modeling for future projects.

Kanooshka might also need help converting models into other file formats. If you’re an experienced user of any app that needs support, you might contact Dan about being willing to import from some intermediate file format, and verify and save-out the file in your own software’s formats, before the next challenge begins.