G'day from Australia


Hi people, I’ve been a follower of CGSociety for some time on Facebook, until my Facebook account got suspended for daring to question the mainstream political narratives. I couldn’t avoid politics on Facebook but places like this are a different matter. I find forums dedicated to specific topics to be a blessed relief after the toxicity of social media.

I am a retired artist who now does CGI work as a hobby. My current personal project is a documentary about what it would be like for the crew of a ship travelling close to the speed of light. I’ve been a user of Maxon Cinema 4D since it first came out on the Amiga platform in the 90s, and currently starting to explore Unreal 5 so I can explore my 3D worlds in real time.

My main abilities lie in designing structures, abstract scenes, buildings and spaceships. Characters are generally beyond me, so for them I tend to use DAZ models exported as FBX into Cinema 4D. I know opinions are divided on the use of DAZ models but to me it’s just saving time and avoiding reinventing the wheel.

I’m looking forward to participating in this community, sharing my work, helping beginners and learning from experts.


Welcome! Wow, Amiga in the 90s huh? Veteran status!

Have you checked out Reallusion’s Character Creator? The best quick character suite I have seen.

Hope to see you around the forum.


Thanks Jessifer. No I hadn’t, I’d kind of become set in my ways (you can’t teach an old dog new tricks lol) but I’ll definitely have a look at Reallusion’s Character Creator, thanks for pointing me to it.


Hello Australia!

Bit of a veteran myself as well. Started using Cinema 4D in the late 90’s as a hobbyist. Primary industry currently is aerospace and retail store design ( strange combination). In my younger days, I wanted to be an animator (pre-Pixar), but found the aforementioned more lucrative. Holding on to the dream of an animated short (early Californian history meets Davinci Code) Good day to you!


Hello and welcome to the community. Enjoy your best time here. LOL!


Welcome to the community. Glad to have a chat with you here.


Welcome to the community. All the best.