Gavin Grigsby- Environment Artist at Sony Interactive Entertainment


Hi Everyone!

My name is Gavin Grigsby. I am an Environment Artist currently working at Sony Interactive Entertainment. I was previously at Naughtydog and helped ship The Last of Us Part 2. I’m now working on an unannounced project at Sony Interactive and am still learning every single day.

It’s been a very long road to finally be apart of the game industry and work with some of the best artists the industry has to offer. I come from a very small town in Tennessee and drove across the country with nothing but the sheer will to make in the games industry and work at NaughtyDog. Took 4 years but eventually made it and had some really great help from some friends along the way. (Thanks Travis) and Manny) =). But the hard work of 12 to 16 hour days of modeling paid off and now I’m here.,still working hard and thankful everyday I wake up. I still have a very close relationship with Naughtydog and everyone there and it’s a dream to even be able to say that.

I’m still always striving to push myself and and always encourage everyone to do the same and be the best they can be. Never give up and learn the hard way and be obsessed everyday. You can see most of my work here on CGSociety but will upload soon when I can with some stuff =)

Thanks guys ,glad to be apart of the CGS Community and Take care! Oh and again Never give up Lol =) :grin:


Hey Gavin,

Nice to have you here. Wow I’m always so impressed by anyone at Naughty Dog, so awesome you got the chance to work on the last of us 2, it looks absolutely gorgeous from what I’ve seen so far. You must have put in some really serious effort to get to work at an amazing studio like that.

Oooooo, I see you also have some really cool Hard surface character designs too on top of your environments. Nice to see your design reflected in characters and environments. Excited to see what your new project is :grinning:


Happy to have you here.


How is SD ?