GarageFarm.NET Academy Blender mograph tutorials


Hi guys!

I want to share the series of Blender mograph tutorials done by DJ from GarageFarm.NET Academy. I hope you will find them useful.

Motion graphics animation in Blender - Retro 80’s styled text

A short tutorial on making a retro 80’s styled pixel font motion graphics.

Motion graphics animation in Blender - Spying Glass text

A tutorial about creating a simple but cool spying glass intro. The tutorial explains the creation of 3d text in Blender and its topology issues. You will learn a remesh modifier trick that can help you with deforming 3d texts in Blender. The main effect includes using an empty object connected with the cast modifier.

Applying this technique allows for the creation of non-destructive, editable Blender text effects templates you can reuse in future projects.

Motion graphics animation in Blender - Neon text.

A two-part Blender tutorial showing some cool tips on how to make an epic motion graphics intro. You will learn how to create a 3d text with animated edges and glowing neon material in Cycles.

Part I covers:

  • The creation of basic 3d text and shading it, extracting edges from the text object and changing them to curves to make a dynamic appearing neon animation.

Part II covers:

  • Using the Blender compositor to add a glow effect to the neon edges.
  • Adding flowing particles and spawning a collection of objects with it.
  • To add more dynamics to the mograph, DJ shows a trick with camera constraint, keyframing, and interpolation changes.
  • Things like motion Blur and Depth of field which add to the realism and cool look of the final animation are also mentioned.

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