Game-film synopsis "StAlKeR-Nebilon O-consciousnesses"


Idea and Erdenko Alexander’s concept.>>>>
After explosion on Chernobyl NucPlant (1986г.) and population evacuations, have begun a recovery work on sarcophagus shelter, after the termination of works the international commission gathers for acceptance as a part of the USSR, Poland, France, Germany, the USA, Japan. Suddenly there is an emission from under shelters and all people officially perish. But a part of committee-men have taken cover in one of laboratories where have stuck to itself the new not tested antipillbox. So after a mutation from members of the international commission there was a society of psi-mutants O-consciousness. It not casually all committee-men were agents of secret organisation “Trident” - which was engaged in the psi-weapon and an occultism. The zone as in game the Shade of Chernobyl (2012г is then shown.) Round a zone the perimetre with the military USSR and a peace-making contingent of the United Nations-NATO for restraint of attacks of mutants and from penetration into a zone of people from Continent was formed. The perimetre had dead zones through which gangsters and scientists-enthusiasts, fanatics led by sorcerers-psychics got into a zone of the tramp-stalkers. So there were groupings Stalkers, Gangsters, Scientific, Fanatics who arranged dismantlings and among themselves and against Military men. Then the part of scientists has united with gangsters, and other part with stalkers. Gangsters have organised the huge underground markets on sale of the weapon, artefacts and ammunition, bureau an extreme - tourism - hunting, a psi-escort-service, services of sorcerers and psychics. Scientists under cover stalkers studied materials of a zone and have far promoted in various technologies and have learn to extinguish Zone radiations cureless controllable territories in blossoming oases under a power dome (a climate Spring). The armistice with military men (uncontrollable anger, suspiciousness have left, after destruction of psi-installations and refusal of a mobile communication) is reached and the Perimeter of the Zone has started to be compressed by combined efforts round the Sarcophagus. But as soon as all groupings have approached close to the reactor strong earthquake and a strange luminescence of atmosphere has begun. The territory part has failed, and the centre with the Sarcophagus and buildings, and also the big underground constructions has soared up in the sky and fly at height of 12 km - so the most powerful psi-radiator was formed Nebilon-O-consciousness. From the formed huge crater the new wave of artificial nano-mutants more dangerous and hardy than at first has rushed. Climate changes - in the Zone centre - winter-40S, in the middle - rainy autumn, on boundaries - hot summer.>> it is necessary to the protagonist: 1) to Break in the Zone,>> 2) to gain authority сталкеров and to form the team of fighters and scientists,>> 3) to Get on a bottom of the formed crater and to stop nano-factories on manufacture of mutants-cyborgs, and also to find tele-port the leader on a trailing sarcophagus-station of O-consciousness and to destroy psi-matrixes of egregors the O-consciousnesses generated by members to disconnect a mobile communication as the shadowing and zombiing tool.>> 4) Will finish with bases of organisation “Trident” supervised by O-consciousness. To open a network of plots in the different countries. To reform the United Nations, to prevent 3rd world war. To interfere with arrival antihrist.>>>> the Psychological outline change of private world of the hero depending on acts and as a variant enslavement to O-consciousness owing to a considerable quantity of the spilt blood is not dependent on situations. So simply power methods not to win. To investigate threads of plot and will be kept from unjustified violence holly-father Serafim who has not left the Temple in the Zone will help monk and has got inexplicable abilities to a survival in radiating pollution and to change of a rigid climate (Winter) on soft (Spring) and behaviour of people and monsters towards reconciliation.>>>> Gameplay: it will be possible to Play for stalkers, gangsters, scientific, scouts ( special services, the military USSR, the military NATO, the head “O-consciousnesses” - in submission of grouping Fanatics (Monolith) and partially the NATO and Gangsters, well and the full moron against all. Scale operations between groupings and against mutants. Various updatings of protecting perimetre with minefields, 12 metre armour walls, machine-gun towers and poisoning gases.>> the hi-tech drawing 11DX on a cursor “Unreal 4” and atmosphere “the Shade of Chernobyl”. Has begun with a self-made bullet-proof vest from the rests of technics plus crossbow with the poisoned arrows and explosiv draughts, to heaped up flying exosceleton with self-directed lasers, rockets, droids of the support, soaring scooters on gravi-artefacts, fighting robots, aircraft, a call of artillery support, 15 super-technologies for development and the prorolling, the developed economy barter and monetary relations, various currency, exchangers, the VIP salons and bars, trading bases and military technology and equipment warehouses, the trading caravans, a destroyed environment and realistic defeat-damage of characters, monsters from “Shadow of Chernobyl” and new flying with nano-implants and a cybernetic stuffing of all nearby 20. Huge territory of events of types of transport of 100-150 30. The developed system of dialogue and diplomacy - logical and various dialogues, a mobile communication, satellite photographing, flash with the data, the coded storehouses, the book of records, arenas of fights, a management of several groups of subordinates, creation of own bases and laboratories.>>>> while like all. But there will be also a continuation with the description of characters and subject scenes. Possibility for creation 3D a tele-serial.>> idea and Erdenko Alexander’s concept.
Arts hot-pix
Арты с пылу-с жару…
Ekzo-Skeleton and suport droid prototype
Экзо-скелет и прототип дроида поддеожки.
ZegriDoom-class monster
Hover-plan “Zarya-001”
Гравиплан Заря-001.
Photo to girlfriend
Фото девушке

Last concept ideas.
The shuttle of O-consciousness “Shambhala-S1”, is invisible to a radar and air defence, the combined power-plant with possibility of hyper-jumps, height of flight of 150 km and depth of immersing of 1500 m, self-directed rockets on any purposes, 40мм четырехствольная a gun with an explosive and cumulative ammunition, nano-hihitin the self-restored case, a power protective field, a pilotless mode, an adaptive camouflage, cruiser speed to 2800 км.час
>>>>>> Protective 12 metre perimetre of the Zone of the countries of the NATO.

I suggest to make 4 parts of game or a film.
>>> 1st hit of the protagonist in a zone and creation of the command 5-10 people (the Survival war with the military CIS and the NATO, gangsters, with others сталкерами and monsters). Capture of bases, warehouses, structures, the territory control. Trade in artefacts, monsters and equipment. FROM five groupings stalkers will survive 2-3. Well вобщем on a gameplay the dynamical insurgent with the weapon from arbalets to machine guns and bazuka. Many friends perish, special tactics will be necessary.
>>> 2nd part. A meeting with shimonk Serafim. Carrying out its councils to establish an armistice with all groupings for the general reflexion of attacks of monsters and fanatics of O-consciousness of grouping “Monolith”. Forces of the NATO and gangsters will oppose to it. Creation of perimetre of a wall and building of the complexes лабараторий and workshops. For successful protection of perimetre
>>> financial assets from the governments and equipment will come. There will be great sums of money and it is possible upgrade labs and workshops. Number of personal grouping will grow till 40-50 the person with technicians and scientists. Creation of new types of weapon, the reservation, transport. For small time of relative stability it will be necessary to have time to make every possible upgrades. Gradually there will be search an information on communication of a secret box “Trident” and events in the Zone. But behind a wall of perimetre of the Zone again will survive attacks of cyber-monsters and a sortie of special troops of “Monolith” will uneasy begin. On it the second part comes to an end.
>>> in 3rd part there will be a huge emission which almost will destroy a wall of perimetre and staff of groupings. Then occurrence of soaring Nebilona and a hole-precipice with three levels of nano-factories. At песонажей not had time to make an upgrade of suits of protection the roof will start to go and they gradually become zombie Nebilona. Others will have a depression and hysterics.
>>> with few survived it will be necessary to carry out storm-atack of nano-factories and will fall on the third level to a teleport portal. On it the end of the third part.
>>> in 4th part there will be a capture of the soaring city of Nebilon and destruction of 18 members of comprehension. As a result having received documents confirming world plot and preparation of the world for arrival antihrist and supertechnologies of Nebilons the protagonist goes to smash the centres of a box “Trident” worldwide.
The Slogan: “you Give Russian of Avatars”

Need help to find developer team or Publishing Company


Demo tiser - test new wawe-anihilation weapons:

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