FXWars! TRON TRIBUTE !: KielFiggins, Disk Battle


I’m thinking of throwing my hat into this comp with a few other buddies of mine. Since Tron had a huge impact on us, seems only fitting to pay homage.

   Tron Team
        [Kiel Figgins](http://www.3dfiggins.com/): Animation / Team Lead

Blake Guest: Lightning / Look Dev
Ed Laag (entecbssd@gmail.com) : Post / VFX
Reed Casey: Character Modeler
Jon Lorenz: VFX / Audio
Wayne Hollingsworth: 3d VFX
Zach Christian: Matte Painting

Animation Link:




Here’s our final entry. I’m extremely proud of the work, effort and outcome from this team. Every one of them went far above and beyond.

None of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for:

-Blake getting all the Environment modeled, lights setups and render passes taken care for Ed and Jon, all atop really ironing out the visual style of the piece.

-Ed massaging together so many elements, plates and pieces from so many sources for the final composite. Way to take what we had and crank it up to 11!

-Jon stepping in with a killer audio track, helping Ed out with post effect work, especially for the split at the end, and not to mention the title/end card sequences.

-Wayne rocking the 3d Vfx’s for the shield, mist and shatters. Truly adds such a richness to the piece. So many details and layers, great job.

-Reed knocking out 2 character models, high res, textures all based off only the slightest concept and in record time. Really allowed time for look dev, rig work, and animation polish having those taken care of so quickly.

-Zach setting the stage and providing on helluva matte painting for Blake to base of the renders off and the rest of the team to really visualize the world.

To the entire team, fantastic job!


That looks great. I like the split into two part at the end.

I think that is an excellent idea for an entry.


Heard back on my entry idea:

RobertoOrtiz: “Yes it is ideal! Looking forward to it.”

Seems we’re all engine Go!


Previs Still Image:


Inspriational Pieces, character sheet ideas, and other imagery:


yeah great stuff man…your work is just awsome.:bowdown:


Updated Animation

Hey guys, heres an updated anim:
-more intentional camera
-close up on entry for female character. Was thinking some reflections in the visor or under lighting zipping by could really be cool
-because rings play such a heavy part in the tron world, i added in a slew of animated torus for vfx
-really amped up the intensity of the vfx, going over the top is think is a good thing
-mild rig updates (fingers/bind)
-more disk movement on female entry

Still have a lot to do, and a few more motions to put in there, will be chipping away at it nightly.

Thanks Jimmy4d! Glad you like my work, hopefully project can be added to the mix!


So it just so happens this is my first challenge on CGSociety, and you have to go and be the competition :slight_smile:
I have followed your work for awhile as well use it as reference from time to time. I like what you have going now and am looking forward to seeing more. Great start!


yeah my first also…not fair man …not fair, :scream:


Hey guys, heres some base stuff im doing.

Ground Shatter: MOVIE
-will make a lot more sense when its not uniform cubes. Showing that the idea and execution work.

Trails: [MOVIE](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSdsvxw58_U) -this is only phase one of many, but should be pretty sweet when alls said and done

Ha! Kyle, Jimmy4d, you guys give me way to much credit. Much appreciate the kind words, looking forward to see how all the entrys shape up!


Nice work, very inspiring from both an animation and fx perspective!
How are you creating the ‘trails’? They look very smooth and flow quite well.


Thanks Grak, glad your diggin it. The renders your kicking out are top notch, really excited to see how you treat them in post!

After the competition, I’ll be doing a write up on how I achieved the various hand animated effects.

Till then… it’s Magic!!!


By the way, i really like your blocked animation. Interested to see more and i am sure it will look really dynamic and awesome cause the blocking looks solid.


Hey guys, look like this competition is too much for one person, so in the spirit of Voltron… Tron Team ASSEMBLE!

Kiel Figgins: Animation / Team Lead
Reed Casey: Character Modeler
Blake Guest: Lightning / Look Dev
Ed Laag: Post / VFX

So, with that in mind heres the weekend updates:
-Animation revision, still a heavy wip, but getting there
-Env proxy creation, see if we need matte painting or are going to go 3d
-Female Wip model by Reed
-Various VFX and trail tests following up on the earlier tech post

Thanks Kaypoprawe, glad your digging it. Hopefully once the keys are massaged, it’ll be a solid piece. I checked out your site, you have some really top notch work. Very cool!


Hey Kiel,

If you need any extra help with some fx stuff…let me know bro.
So far this is looking really great!


Hey Wayne! Been a while! Feel free man, get crackin!


Its lookin’ great man. Was a big Tron man myself back in the day. I’s always inspiring seeing the immense amount of work you pump out. Keep it up and good luck in the comp!


Hey Kiel, just stopped by to check out some of your work. Looks awesome! Cant wait to see the finished results


A hefty Update!
-Blake Guest: rocked the initial pass for the environment, lighting and look dev. Nice!

  • Reed Casey continues to pump out character models, showing the first blocking of the Blue Warrior.
    -Tron Team grows to include 2 more artist:
  • Zach Christian rocking the matte paintings.
  • Wayne Hollingsworth taking up the cup of 3d vfx, smoke, particles and such.

Current Stage of Anim (Still a heavy wip):

Thanks LjSketch, keep checking back, should be a fun piece to see come together!

Hey Jeremy, Ha! I don’t think I pump out too awful much, but I do try to make it visible what I’m working on. Hit me up with a link to your latest and greatest!


Really really nice so far Kiel and Team. Keep it up. :thumbsup: