FXWARS The Lighthouse & the Wave: Post here those who are looking for partners/teams


[font=Verdana]Who knows it might be cool to have a Maya Team competing against a Max team.![/font]

So please, if you are interested reply to this thread if you are interested in working with a partner/team on FXWARS [font=Verdana]The Lighthouse & the Wave[/font]

Just enter:




ooo this one is gonna be cool. Lets get a good team together :slight_smile:

Name: Nick Waken
Program: Maya, RealFlow, AE, Fusion, FCP, Photoshop, a little Houdini and XSI, MEL, Python.
SKILLS: Particles, Fluids, Effects stuff , Compositing.
WHAT YOU WANT TO DO: Fluids/ Effects


This can be cool if anyone need a little help, I know FumeFX, RealFlow, 3DsMax ( and ParticleFlow), Combustion and Photoshop.



Name: Hardik Dhanesha
Program: Maya, Shake, Combustion
SKILLS: Particles, Effects stuff , Compositing.
WHAT YOU WANT TO DO: Effects , Compositing



Name: Hendrix Gutierrez
Program: Maya, houdini, Motionbuilder, Fusion 5, Realflow, E-on Vue Xstream, Photoshop, BlastCode
SKILLS: Fluid, Particles, animation, environment, demolition
WHAT YOU WANT TO DO: demolition, Fluid



Wow this a OLLLD challenge.
The next challenge will be Nuke.


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